Putin’s Vision and Realisation for Transition to New Metaparadigm in nedeed New Philosophy for Relations among World States, Year 1952!:

Russian Pontrjagin's Maximum Principle as Mathematical Proof:

New Universal Methodology for all Sciences is needed in Identity&Maintaining, as in analytic cybernetic Epistemologic-Ontologic secondary Developmental Aspect

Prominent The Putin Interviews

Mr. President V. V. Putin as the Superpower’s leader puts many needed cornerstons and fundamental building blocks about longstanding new world in his prominent Putin Interviews. Saying, the fate/destiny of today millions of humans as some ordeal in this rival but transitive world is indeed impossible to solve legally and peacefully without also disciplined hard work of the true leaders. Namely, one thing entails another one, the all is connected in seeking of the more equitable, ergo, of righteous societal and political relations, strategic parity or analogy (to prevent unipolarity the German K. E. J. Fuchs in year 1950 supplies the informations of atom bomb from USA to Soviets), and indeed the impeccability. Distinguished person Putin, showing also The Throne Room, confronted with USA friends they as the technological and materialistic civilisational forefront, faced he with the world problems and troubles and a tendency to exclusiveness and imperialistic mentality and the encircling of other countries instead to at least bipolar world, says that also in culture (which is but the sum of nonmaterialistic achievements of humankind) a painter but wants to finish his own work of art. Mr. President V. V. Putin excellently drives also ladyfied Mercedes-Benz’s limousine.

Russia (or/and Union, etc.), the area also of Odysseus in search of Golden Fleece, knows not any restricitions, and impacting on consciousness, and not any persecutions based on human genders and untraditional sexual orientation. Russia due to (primary) identity&maintaining aspect namely is the true multireligious and multiethnic country, where but God decided that the children grown up in traditional family have more chances. In Russia the humans within other religions or theologies are but Russians, not the immigrants, terrorists, this is so named culture of interactions, when in the seeking of true and etical prosperity for the all, to surmount materialism and atheism. Russia was for almost 1,000 year constructed as monarchy until year 1917, but today its democracy indeed cloisterly isn’t the same and cannot be the same as in USA, or EU.

Russian democracy indeed supports no wild privatisation, no open robbery of State property, no crazy corruption, no destroying of private poperty of another humans, no impoverishment, no illegal enrichment. The modern Internet, World Wide Web and other means are used for communication, also in the needs of defence. The Crimea, the area also of Yalta and the Sevastopol warship base, is legally jointed, the new plans exist with near Novorossiysk, Russia perpetrated no crime here. The transition to new paradigm in new philosophy for the relations among world’s States is nedeed, today problems will have to cease to exist soon or later, says apt Mr. President V. V. Putin speaking his mind. It’s inadmissible that S. Hussein and colonel M. Gadhafi strictly speaking were but eliminated with all the means at disposal, a possible scenario maybe for Al Assad. The terrorists try to create Caliphate.

The bureaucracy (ergo, including West jurisprudence, too) in USA so rules the world, the public opinion there is manipulated especially between elections knowing the souls of voters how to play to win their hearts, USA is a Puritan nation, ergo, protestant one. Also consul Marcus Porcius Cato the elder allways ended his speeches with: Carthagine must be destroyed, what should be today an old looking on world. The USA today spends for army defence more than is the sum of all other States on world, what is 10 times more than Russia, when at the Russian cutting edge system Bastion the ships are defenceless. Last year the 600  ∙ 109 dollars by the Pentagon is not the all what is spent in USA on security, and defend, State institutions, etc. The key question/query to be asked is for Russia, how in persuasibility to ensure the next or future tehchnological independence, human prosperity and security, namely, the Japanese Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still living, not to fall into the spiral of actions in very dangerous avenue for competition (e.g., Euro-Atlantic camp/block, cold war), up to traumatic putsch or coup d’etat. Russia lowered the indigence or poverty or poorness on 1 / 2, ergo, to stop is the demonisation of J. V. Stalin, namely it is attack on Russia, as stalinism would be a birthmark of Russians. Also the West O. Cromwell is a dictator and tyrant, but his monuments exist all across Great Britain. Also Napoleon not just restores the monarhy, but he pronounced himself Emperor, and he led France to a national catastrophe. Oligarhy namely is the evil integration between money-power, ignoring also the economic gap between the rich and the low level income humans. The leaders of former Soviet SSSR were also checked out but the system still collapsed. Ergo, the question isn’t selection, but whatever Russia needs anyone that bad Russia will decide. There needs to be a healthy competition in theese processes, but it should be among the people who have in mind the interests of nation.



The citizens of Russia will make the final decision, they will decide, the humans desires/longings. It’s not the question to survive/live, or to justify some Russians theirself, all the negative what is lunched about Russia is indeed the past only. Russia has to think about the positive legacy. Russia has been built for 1,000 year, it has its own tradition, own understanding of what defines an effective government to ensure the economic growth and sustain it: to improve defence systems capability, ergo, in time, due time, timely, in due course, not just too late during the periods of crisis and difficulties (not as only some feedback control). The government’s goal is to enforce this country. Then a question to the involved journalist: Have you ever been beaten? This is a suffering for what the someones are doing.

The Great Throne Room in Russia,

the throne draped and flanked by the Imperial Romanov regalia (Internet, Wikipedia)

The Throne Room or St George's Hall in the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, connected to The Hermitage by the smaller Apollo Room


Due to Time Machine as Time optimal Time Machine from this actual Web Side, is to say:

1.) Palmer stresses thetransition to a new world with a new past and future only, as in sufism the disputable/foggy suboptimal motto/impresa for human to be every day better only. The better or amendable signifies something comparative or relative only or conditional/proportionate: to be selfbetter, or to follow a selfreflection, or to become better from one person himslef only, or from a person in question of his own relative movement to the each inner bifurcated mind competitors in such selfish dual person. Ergo, not to be optimal, and not to respect some longterm fixed outer Criteria due to even the better humans from environment in a sense of Good vector, e.g., speed is better than a fortune. Here a spontaneous autogenesis of emergent chaotic event can decentre the entire world, and as in constructivism here creatio ex nihilo but exists,

2.) Lee but stresses thetransition to the ultimate restored Original/maxim/base/primary/first world, or going back on the Start but signifies that to be better/amendable/political/neologistic signifies something less from to be optimal ≡ Original or traditional or of God or philosophical/theological. Here A. Einsteins maxim or sentiment  “God doesn’t play with dice” is valid, the cultural or spiritual dimension of human, and here the Pontrjagin’s maximal principle plays, or must play, a role in the dynamical nonlinear 2 point boundary problem for Resurrection in anthropo-cosmo collational epistemology, or a time machine. Lee says that the forms of thought arent unrelated to experience as erroneously argues I. Kant, and that the forms of Existence arent a reflection of forms of thoughts as erroneously argues K. Marx,

3.) The USA Palmer’s relative stable union Freud-Marx-Jung from year 2000 with a centre on China, East, has the ambition to “all” world and all sciences, but none God exists here, none L. N. Tolstoy Ressurection here, nothing about what Mr. President V. V. Putin graciously says that only God knows our desity, besides it seems to some cybernetic expert only, as this system would in essence be copied out of the year 1952 of Lee. The total structural/machinery analogy exists. This union is proved mathematically algebraic only (no differential equation here), except in a point of epistemologic connection to the spiritual world. The union has a hole, namely, in this point of sedenion urgently lacks the active Russian Pontrjagin/Pontryagin’s maximum principle, which can possible be activated by Lee’s union Kant-Marx only. In Palmer exist, e.g., the simple +/ middle/average quantum fields for joining the humans in determination of their futuresand fates by clairvoyant persons, the field of no God interfered mirrors (joining quantum field resonance, which but signifies nothing but the Evil), the quantum resonance as a womanish/relative resonance in the sense of natural interferering or natural legal law/jurisprudence, or interference/Evil, or an edited democracy, the all based also on C. G. Jung’s and quantum mechanics’s emergent cycle only. Plato’s the 5th Aether/Ether/Spirit, or the vacuum Zero point fields of which wave length can be amplified/gained by closely related W. O. Schumann’s resonant/relative standing/quiescence/stationary waves or fluctuation in scalar/womanish waves resonance, or by feedback/relative mechanisms typical of bodys physiological pathways. A resonance isn’t important with longhigh wave lengthwave lengths . Either quantum mechanics’s resonance (free/loose assertive communication, ergo, “assertorius”; a healing quantum mechanics resonance apparatus/appliance of low frequency; red colour resonance isn’t important) or the ‘almost’ periodicity exists, etc.,│nonline

4.) The Nord-South Korean Lee’s absolute stable union Kant-Marx from year 1952 with a centre on Christianity, West, based on the number 13, too, but is the only candidate found showing the employability of Russian Pontrjagin maximum principle as d/dt Ψ = – ∂H/∂x = –Ñxg [∂f/∂x]TΨ ultimate/monarchic differential equation as the necessary condition, running under the final time being free. The God is the first standard here, this union has also the ambition to “all” world and all sciences, in ontology structure/machinery showing the equal symbol as of the Mercedes-Benz’s limousines. In the Lee’s theory of Original (dogmatic philosophy) nature of human only as Homo amans the equilibrium/balance. e.g., of: Image, Character (trinity/balance between Heart-Logos-Creativity) and Position (duality between Subject-Object), then, in the trinity/balance between IdeasConceptsLaws (between any human Will-IntellectHeart means), the Heart as the trinity/balance between mindfunctions-value-culture, etc. Ergo: human will-intellect-emotion, then, the balanced education between HeartCharacterNormCitizen&geniusDomination, the Heart as a causal inner/intra true emotional, and motivational impulsive Force, when to reach a Heart the Lee’s supposition or sugestion/initiative/impulse for nonopposing ethical laws and nonchaotic natural law is valid. Also the heart motivation cosmological theory for joy/merriment, ergo, human prosperity, and for stability/peace for love,

5.) In year 1952, owing to A. Andronovin Moscow of the maximal world’s country but in sovietism the Russian and  Muscovite L. S. Pontrjagin leaves his algebras (on these ones but works now Palmer) and jumps into cybernetic optimal control (umbrella theory, the umbrella science for all sciences). In September 12th of year 2016 was Moscow’s 869th birthday,

6.) Ergo, urgently exists the union Freud-Kant-MarxPontryagin-Jung, ergo, the Superunion Lee-Pontrjagin-Palmer, where Pontrjagin maximum principle not by conformism but thru the radical technical Creativity adapts its own controller’s structures to some controlled Object due to Lee’s Originality between Personality-+/harmony-Creativity,

7.) In fact, what is involved by Pontrjagin’s maximal principle in Lee’s union Kant-Marx is the compulsory optimal control of the manoeuvrable savagedom or phenomenal world or physical world (it isn’t but optimised some fictive world), to discipline/tame or neutralise/sanctionate or bit/domesticate/immunise/intimidate or to break in, to check, to curb, to restrain, to beat, to subdue the today physical world, only Earth, without a human being trapped in it. This Russian universal principle but uniquely works for the systems restricted by state boundaries and/or control/supervise boundaries,

8.) The West, together also with Russia, is the Subject, when only the West history possesses the patterns. So, O. Spengler finds for it the synchronous simultaneity, and A. J. Toynbee’s the pattern historical harmonious oscillator’s spiral, the both proved valid and “unrefuted” forof only the West history. The East history (now is known including Palmer) is so the Object. Ergo, the history isn’t a class struggle,

9.) The genesis of wars (a love but conquers a war and revenge) is of 3 stages between Physical/hot-Cold/Satanic-Ethic (when always runs a war between Heaven/stalactites-Earth or originally Sky-Earth, starting it first in spiritual world), and not between mass-power-mobility-nonlinear/hybrid war today actual in world politics between superpower States. Now but wins that one who is more ethical (as the total victory Valat in tarok),

10.) Lee says that the essence/point/sting/tag isn’t the biblical to eat’, but apathetic self autocentered by “any and all Will-Intellect-Heart means” manipulated pressed blinded/deceived the comfortable/leisurely easy/unexacting way/manner under foreign/external Evil’s invasion (as a target the Eve having in moment no keeper/guard more), trying it to change the fixed 8 = 23 basis/pedestal of traditional family/blood, a model written in Universe. A young girl, a lass, doesn’t need a boyfriend/youth, youngster; stripling, young fellow, or a lover, but a husband, strong for mission. The order and organisation of Universe is clear also as the example first for human family of the basis of octarchy of the 8 fold. Also a man (physically and spiritually strong) and a woman are substantionally equal, but because of the vertical order the Subject is above the Object, ergo, a man is a centre. God is a vertical mathematical formula. The Universe isn’t only ordered but is also organised. The Russians are the icon also for mathematics. In physics exists, e.g., also the cosmic parent/family (blood) theory for all parallel Universes,

11.) In Lee’s union between globalism/internationalism/postmodernism/democracy-nationalism or cosmopolitism/worldly/mondialindividualism the native nationalism isn’t some evil ideology but the declaration of natural collective identity of every human, disputable can be only the used methods for it. The nationalism but not as the USA cultural smelting/mixing pot or as ideology (e.g., as a mix of rugby and football). A human losing his national State is nothing, also in a case of EU, which makes not possible the right of selfdetermination due to separation from the Whole,

12.) Due to the Pontrjagin maximum principle urgently must exist the law of ethics in a form of Natural law. The separation between Good-Evil is but higher and more ethical than between Right-Leff also in a sense of political wings or the parties. On the other side the liberal I. Berlin criticises the supposition/hypothesis that all the values/virtues is possible to arrange on a single sole scale. But the a-priori at least theoretical guarantee/security of sentence is, that the total harmony of true values/virtues is findable for all nations in axiology of Lee,

13.) Lee says that every Earth continent must be the autonomous federation or an unbroken ground or mainland (with the federal States inside) to prevent the supremacy/primacy, exclusiveness, unipolarity and preeminence of the Superpowers, and not autarky/autarkeia,

14.) The Lee’s Thought is strongly consistent internally in all its subtheories: theory of the Original image (deductive; dogmatic), theory of Original/Pedigree/tribal/inbred or departed/lineal nature (Original ≠ outmoded veteran), the ■theory of human nature, theory of education (as the extension of human the family as balanced education between Character-Norm/citizen-genius/Domination), morals, theory of ethics, ■axiology, the theory of art, ontology (new union between: superior-inferior, internal-external and +/), historical theory as “History with Goal”, logics, universal methodology (in terms of objective truth), theory of beauty, epistemology, the theory of leaders (the true leaders chosen by Criteria as: preparations, knowledge, tribe, ancestors, honesty etc.), the heart motivation cosmological theory, etc. The 3 embeded trinity triangles between Mindfunction-Value-Culture, ergo: the Heart – 7 – , thean but the trinity between Will-Intellect-Emotion,, and the so named spiritual mind (noble minded; Plato’s Goodnes-Beauty-Trueness), and then trinity between Ethics&morals-Art-Science&philosophy, etc.,

15.) The all West follows to T. von Aquinas’s natural legal law or physical “natural jurisprudence” only, and also to the Church/pulpit being it the so named scientific founder of economy, too. The problem today in helping to humans and especially to poor people is not only the State property sold for nothing, but the West jurisprudence (bureaucracy, too, the destroying of humans by taxes, etc.) as a whole, the system is cunning, rigid, casuistic, when the 95 % of civil charges end by settlement (a relative rotten and forced compromise, usually which is not functioning in a praxis, and is uncontrollable), destroying 1 of the parties including theirs descendants totaly on behalf of State and lawyers they true working nothing, what but signifies the killing of citizens (the Romans were killing their own senators). The existing 3 juridical branches of power/authority are but obsolete and  inhuman: Such is a State (country) as are its courts of justice and v.v., what knew the ancient Romans very good forcing only the extremal correct, simple, quick, saving and nonhypocritical jurisprudence the Empire not to decay. Lee says that today so named equality before law didn’t improve the society. Though also C. G. Jung says that God exists, no transhumanism, or posthumanism, or new society of balance, or harmonious society, or euphony, or Lee’s Thought is realised. Lee says that Internet, World Wide Web and virtual Vegas (also smart television, smart bombs, virtual markets, Twitter) etc. have caused: transcultural,  expressionless, untraceable, classless, impersonal and electronic democracy, which but didn’t revitalise the society or today modernity, politics, etc.,

16.) Lee says that USA are still under indemnity law for the doings to the native Indians, to be beaten to suffer (this is a suffering for what someone was doing, it’s incomparable to Crimea),

17.) So, S. Kulić criticises the neolibertarianism/neoindeterminism as social natural Darwinism, the destructive false/untrue aurora/horizon, the economy of violence, the ill today economy, all these as the strategy of violence or terrorisation/tyranny or trinomial/despotism, as the anarcho capitalism and tyranny of central banks (which lie about superdemocratic system), as today very specific technologically political (political affiliation) orientations toward world. So, emerge the strange business models, also the commonly occurring patterns showing the predicting power of support and resistance lines, also all the sorts of sophisticated/refined trading methods to manipulate the markets, so, the absolute free/loose markets but produce the huge boom and bust capitalistic cycles/crises in the sense of cybernetic feedback only (resonance, which but signifies the Evil), when Bitcoin is but a decentralised soft leadership digital currency needing no personell, no institutions behind, no controlling or supervising. Forced are the evil developmental strategies, also the abuse of power, the capitalised terrestrial/terrene anthropocentrism, the foggy internationalism, also the religious and political inquisition, sad decay of technical/engineer culture and its Greek meaning (union between technics-culture), the most sneaky or hypocritical/bipartisan destroying by public media, together with the absurd fights for authority/jurisdiction by psychology of mass/crowds, etc. It seems as in USA exists today cca 1,200 Christian religious sects, bifurcated all out from a 1 Original root. On the other side in one of today very small excommunistic State the 50 expropriations and evictions out of the only or sole human homes is executed every day on cunning way, when maybe the 8 % of world fortune or means/funds is hidden in bank oases. The humans are suffering exceedingly,

18.) The West legislation is as a cybernetic nonprecious feedback control only (votings, democracy), capable to give none longterm and true solutions in short time, ergo, the (specific) regulation/prescription/rules/precepts/instructions/directions, the laws’s complexity, the laws’s casuistics or ambiguity known not in era of consul Marcus Porcius Cato, the laws’s obscure presentation, blackmail/extortion/exaction, the lack of juridically scientific basis/pedestal, the lack of juridically clarity, velocity etc. Due to Lee the Caliphate cannot be a candidate in transition into better world, but it is possible that exactly such a casuistic West jurisprudence (‘arbitrary = monarch = the ∞ results) is the inner sensitive cultural cause for the emergence (or launching) of terrorism or revolt. Today West jurisprudence is full of the daily expropriations, executions of property, the excommunications by cunning abuse of law, especially for the totaly honest and also genious humans who had worked all life hard, as Japanese do, or have studied the forbidden temata. In the old communisms the people were at least informed in advance about something as that, and not on a such cunning and hunting way,

19.) The France as today the greatest State in EU only, lanched the most brutal revolution ever existed, for which Lee says that is of hardware Cain inhuman type. The France gave then its assistance to single mothers often as uniparas only, they destroying the States, to its Church liberationism or separation between Church/pulpit-State, what the all is a problem (the president or leader of some State must urgently believe in God, says Lee). The neoliberslism’s ideology in fact but sigifies that the humans are guilty they themself for own destiny and the suffering between successor-looser, they themself are guilty to be poor, or to be robed by jurisprudence, absurd,

20.) In Lee the genesis of, and the political structure (machinery) for his (secondar) developmental aspect, is between Monarchy-Democracy-HeavenlyKingdom. A monarchy was known for kings or emperors. In democracy gave but the Germans to humans the maximal practical freedom not only due to new possibility of travelling with motor car, e.g., Mercedes Benz: by land, by water and by air (and in Universe), but also of industrial/factory/manufactory and other internal combustion machines to discharge/disburden/unburden a human and to liberate him of labourer’s manual worker/employee’s job/work/salary/engagement (the modern evil financial holdings haven’t an own production/throughput) by freedom machine. The I. Kant’s 3 forms of government but are: the democracy, aristocracy and a mixed monarchy, namely, by womanish West democracy it’s impossible lognterm to decide quickly. Today huge and stabil and also quick deciding China, a State with the maximal number of citizens, using now also yet in at least 13th year the developmental fixed 5 year periods in government control, is the last yet politically or even military not destroyed or eliminated or divided/partitioned/broken or beaten communistic State (if China attacked not the selfdemocratic and selfish students in year 1989, it should decay as Soviet Russia or SSSR). The Canada as the 2nd maximal State in world after Russia. The Abel ideology/pregnancy as between Reformation-Awakening-newReformation (Lee’s ideology of family as the 4 positional base’s analogy between Universe-human, etc.), when Abel Reformation made the today EU as it is.

21.) The Heavenly Kingdom on Earth but not as today from USA propagated/propagandised democratic communitarianism, or even communalism or the communist administrative organisations, weak for longterm conflicts/clashs, but like the K. Marx’s Kingdom on Earth, ergo, Lee’s Heavenly Kingdom in physical world under optimal control. It’s realy not the question to survive/live, out of the vertical of exponential curve: the vertical of physical death, woman Matilda, Morana, memento mori, no one gets his life back, ergo, as some obvious paradoxical solution in the mathematical breakeven point of this curve. Ignoring but the Lee’s stages between Forming-Growth-Completion. Only in physics the S. W. Hawking is a hero, but wrongly also is, that he is seeking not a Complete/full/whole/entire/total Theory of everything under Lee’s universal methodology, extraordinary knowledge. His theory cannot be a complete one if he ignores Lee, ergo, the spiritual or Tolstoy’s or nucleus’s part or the Pontrjagin’s maximum principle, ergo,.its costate or adjoint or covariant or spiritual system‘s Ψ of differential equation to collationally find a solution for the bounded systems. Namely, Hawking ignores the spiritual part of Universe and stays in anthropology, atheism etc. only, his theory as only a 1 / 2 cannot completely support the V. V. Putin’s vision,

22.) Lee says that USA’s democracy isn’t for us (instead of harmony from Universe but a struggle in repulsion as between Subject-Subject in the same State, in today constructivism a changing of woman into a man). Ergo, today West democracy’s and liberslism’s and all political economy’s nucleus/essence namely dwells in: empiricism, utilitarianism, hypocritical modern now assertivity, tittuppy womanish physical cybernetic Eve’s easy way feedback as a relative stable control only, etc. The today West political economy is empirical/experimental/womanish or of a-posteriori knowledge type only, ergo, the Tree of cognition between Good-Evil only (human driven Evil), also the invisible Struggle between God-Satan (but the Tree of life was in nucleus/man or Eden). I. Kant stresses but the a-priori absolute ideal. No one professor of economy in the world hasn’t presented any serious and correct study about the humans desires/longings, e.g., as also the citizens of Russia will make the final decision, they to decide. The communistic G. Klaus, and he as a rare has arrived at technical cybernetics, says that circular and only relative stable cybernetic feedback is only spontaneous, ergo, the level of child/baby, childly, childlike. R. Schuman, Luxembourger of French birth, says that demoracy is born and developed by Christianity,

23.) In political economy but Y. F. Fukuyama, connected he earlier to neoconservative movement, argues that the worldwide spread of liberal democracies and free market capitalism of the West and its lifestyle may signal the end point of humankind’s physical sociocultural evolution and become the final form of human government, and, that a culture cannot be cleanly separated from economics/industry (world economy machine), and, that the progression of human history as a struggle between ideologies is largely at end, with the world settling on liberal democracy after the end of cold war and the fall/crash of the Berlin wall in year 1989. But 20 the strongest States (but they not as optimal ones due to Criterion as ethics), ergo, G7, G8 or G20, in their meetings always experience difficulties, anticapitalistic mottos and mass remonstrations against global capitalism and multinationals, so, some reanimation or refreshment isn’t enough for the world, but renewal/renovation or in Lee sense a restoration (so, not at last the G20 cannot solve all the key questions),

24.) Due to liberslism but I. Berlin, having he no answer which one is the next future Ideal and having no training in cybernetics, opposes to all the ideals, spiritual visions, kingdoms, stresses the holy boundaries of personal life of the individual, stresses the J. Bentham who says: The individual interests are the sole/alone real interests, which in Lee this but presents only a part in his union globalism-nationalism. The lliberslism is but only a feedback, so the J. S. Mill thought and the utilitarianism are denoted as the negative –freedom, in core but J. S. Mill involves more true positive +freedom or true +jurisprudence as it is findable in J. J. Rousseau. So, I. Berlin sees the capitalism, looking to it in nonsceptical sense, as today human Ideal, which but the past human eras and past primitive societies didn’t acknowledge/recognise and also to which the successors/descendants won’t wonder about, maybe sympathise with it but understanding it not, so, the principles aren’t nothing less holy if for them none guarantee exists for longterm duration. Ergo, I. Berlin says that as a matter of fact a desire/wish on itself on guarantee/security/vouching for human values being eternal and finished/done/complete in some objective Heaven maybe is nothing as a longing/yearning/desire for certainty/sureness of childhood/infancy and baby time, utopia, or for the absolute values of human primitive past morganatic marriage (for sure I. Berlin stresses the shortterm and relative principles and the relative shortterm stable systems only, a circular feedback, the Palmer’s consensus/interference only). The political libertisms ignore all the a-priori, it’s not a healthy competition,

25.) idealistic Odysseus going on the sea over the edge or the world, on boundary, seeking the River without water to see thru the all what in the past was but rejected the nice nimpf Calypso/Kalypso, daughter of Titan Atlas, who detained Odysseus for several year and lieved on island of Obygia as one of the Oceanid daughter of Tethys and Oceanus,

26.) President Mr. V. V. Putin’s transition to new paradigm in new philosophy for the relations among world’s States but can depend from the Russian mathematicians, Russian theologians, also but from philosophers to whom is again to say: Your hesitation is attacked/assaulted by physicists, they mostly atheists. K. Marx and F. Nietzsche reproached the philosophers for not changing/”transitioning” the world. But L. N. Tolstoy says that all humans are thinking how to change world, none of them but how him himmself, and stresses the internal spiritual revolution, the honest humans and such a Church which lives true love and is not entering into funny/grotesque/vulgar/banal/commonplace area of materiality, the L. N. Tolstoy’s dilemma being either countryman or usurious aristocrat (the founder of this term is but sophism),

27.) All this is the transition to an essence, or to nucleus/man/core/ethics, as in: hydrogen atom physics, also as in philosophy of religion, ethics, speculative philosophical theoretical physics, the physics of singularities, speculative theoretical astrophysics, fundamental physics, the physics of Universe, particle physics, etc. also, e.g., N. Tesla’s “transition to 4D technology for Universe’s vacuum energy usage”. Only if 1 virtual particle falls into a Black Hole, the other one becomes demoniac/demonic free (the quantum mechanics can destroy a Worm Hole, and a Black Hole can become unstable/unpeaceful if human falls/enters/traps in it). But V. V. Putin says that the leaders of former Soviet SSSR were also checked out but the system still collapsed (and Eve also falls, and then Adam; ergo, Lee says that if Adam the 1st in the second stage did not fall, God should make new wife for Adam the 1st). In Lee’s sense of the everlasting Action of giving and receiving the citizens are receiving as the first, in the first place, because a government is a Subject. The analogy exists for all the higher Subjects, in so named Double responsibility, for the dual consciousness, upwards, and downwards, etc.,

28.) Lee says that the Purpose for a Whole is higher as a purpose for a part, that in every research, transition, and academic research the question/query to be asked is: How and why and from what Single Source the Universe has come about. The science focuses alas just on law, but it should also discover/invent the argument, purpose and the llaw of love. J. G. Bennett warns before evil “transition from animal innocence to the human’s corruption/vice/miasma“. So, but exists also the global transition of power, of government and State exactly into the multinationals. The USA here, forcing the Socrates‘s educational/pedagogic method, are not only very individualistic but also very materialistic (civilisational only). The USA as the patrimonial society is today more materialistic as were in past the communistic States, absurd,

29.) Ergo, also the abduction, as in science, the turnabouts for 180 o or heading for, or the switches from Evil to Good, or “peripeteia”, or overthrows/revolutions/subversions or overturns/cataclysms to turn over for 180 o in opposite the true Right direction (revolution is when old approach dies, but all is not unmendable). So, in Russian Empire the count L. N. Tolstoj/Tolstoy’s finest War and peace, his The Kingdom of God is … etc., in USA an Christmas turkey combined with traditional red whortleberry or cranberry sauce, in Israel the Yom Kippur war as the greates National Day, etc. In Lee the Fall produces a new division/bifurcation/divarication as the wrong/crosswise 180 o turn. Lee says that the atom’s electrons give more energy in one direction than in another one,

30.) The greed (a short circuit) exists also due to the existence of money or fiat currency, the neoliberal managers/predators enjoying in suffering of workers, here informal is also the J. Freco ideal or his type of transition, as explained for ecology and environmental protection in Thermo Electric Energy Plant in Boiler Efficiency from this actual Web Site, in Lee for the ethical Domination over Nature, human to be the Lord over it. Palmer says that a fusion cannot produce an unioun. The Russians are the icon also for the rocket science and iconoclasm. A testament/liability is more than a contract or agreement or a compromise is,

31.) The USA as the first or 1st Criteria for itself in its development, and also as the strongest State in the world, what promised President Mr. D. J. Trump to his voters, why but this would present some problem, the congratulations also to the Mr. D. J. Trump, and the excellent respect also to his most beautiful and unique wife Melanija Trump. The question to be asked is about only a world halter, and about the equilibration between the parts also for the various ambitions to “all” world and all sciences and indeed all religions. If every of the world continents today accepts the universal and righteous way of federation as proposes Lee (e.g., why the Afrika as an exception stagnates, together with its all the problems exported?) together with the universal methodology, for sure (bypassing a greed, not be blinded by greed) will be easier for the realisation of President Mr. V. V. Putin’s transition to new paradigm (sociologic) in new philosophy for the relations among the world’s States (ergo, strictly speaking yet among the continents), today problems to cease to exist, what says apt Putin. The generalised jump from a world State into a world continent is implicitly included and yet nearly realised in Putin’s idea, but the continents as internally controlled some wholes have realised only the Russia, China, USA, Australia, Canada, partly EU and Great Britain, etc. As the open but stay the States in South America, too, etc. Dictum, factum. The Roman emperor F. C. V. A Titus, military commander during the 1st war between Jews-Romans, when if he himself at the end of day did nothing Good, said: Amici, hodie diem perdidi, totally something different what but the consul Marcus Porcius Cato the elder. The Trojan priest and warner Laocoon said Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes,

32.) The all, grand total, as some tardiness; late arrival, latecoming, for new measures. The collecting of light at high dead time zone, known analogy in technical cybernetics (also L. S. Pontrjagin’s) in the systems of the 1st order differential equation, “uncontrollable” or “unmanageable”, ergo, a retarded time, late time, latecoming, response time, insensitiveness, indifference to time, intermission zone, inactive zone, callousness/impassivity, lateness, demurrer, unenterprising, undecided or indecisive, laggard time, arrearage, unactive, nonpushing, etc., but isn’t some intermediate zone or inactive zone between 2 countries (in between 2 party lines), especially if one of the both is rich, when an edge signifies a transition, and the security, etc. But theologically not as some Promised Land, or Holy Grail, comparing with Old Testament’s Egypt slaves suppression and migration (Jacob), in Lee always in the 1st 400 year of every 2,000 year of the West’s harmonious oscillator of history due to O. Spengler‘s simultaneity and A. J. Toynbee’s patterns. None Satin Rouge exists. Great Britain had E. Schrödinger, USA, J. R. Oppenheimer, Germany, W. Heisenberg, etc., all ignoring the moral obligations/duties, Russia has also L. S. Pontrjagin,

33.) By equality of rights of the women it’s impossible to solve the world (see also N. Tesla). This phenomena is impossible to stop. The modern civilisations cannot stop more the West sequential promiscuity, it’s impossible. Civilisation is a sum of physical achievements only (technology, warships etc.), but a culture a sum of spiritual ones. Today civilisations cannot use a method of inveighing against immorality (cultural cancer). Unless using the clock of civilisation, ergo, the Ideas and Ideals which resonate in the future, or which are determined. The shock troops distance till which one enemy/hater? The Lord business is to look over a horizon, permission granted for grand total. To be a God, irreconcilable? Theism stresses God (not a widened human) as supernatural/preterhuman/unearthly intelligence who designed and made Universe in Creation, influences its fixed final state or goal and human affairs, controls the world and intervenes it by miracles (Palmer stresses miracles in the metasystems, A. Einstein says that either the all is a miracle or a nothing), and, separates between Good-Evil, ergo, knows a human behavior (mind). Pantheism stresses God as a metaphoric or poetic synonym for Nature/world, and, for all the natural laws to control or govern/rule the Universe. J. Raphson but coins the word pantheism/pantheos and makes the distinction between atheistic/arrant Panhylists, and the Pantheists who believe in some universal substance, material as well as intelligent, which fashions the all things/items that exist out of its own essence/inbeing (ergo, Universe or Nature as the totality of everything is identical with Divinity, or that everything composes the all encompassing, immanent God). Deism stresses God as a supernatural/preterhuman extraterrestrial or cosmic intelligence (a cosmic lawgiver; the Designer, or cosmic mind) who set up the cybernetic control law to govern the Universe but not intevenes and doesn’t influence the human affairs, etc. Totaly different from the Lee’s universal Idea of federations (gracility), the enclaves of the world.


West jurisprudence, and science, are alas emotions immune, when the mission of science is also the thinking, e.g., the philosophy, also in deductive (transempiric) way, must include also the a-priori questions for Universal Truth as the reasoning and the essence/point/sting/tag of things at least to harmonically unite many humankind’s different goals. In anthropo-cosmo epistemology between download-upload the human’s the last 3rd so named Rational stage of thinking (Universal Truth, the “unknowable”, including the dynamical spiritual apperception) and the usage of radical cybernetical-mathematical-technical absolute stable L. S. Pontrjagin’s maximum principle, and so named A. Einsteins demonic immediate/promt communication/contact and his maxim or sentiment  “God doesn’t play with dice” as a revolt against quantum mechanics’s mind free bifurcations. All the churches (theologies) is to make uniform (Time Machine as Time optimal Time Machine), the unification, conjunctive, only in USA exists 100,000 of them. To shift the boundaries, ergo, the Idea, then the perspective, when the reality then prunes.

The copyright© for any part and for the whole of this article but for:

Drago Karol Golli, ergo, D.S., M.S.  Drago Karol Golli,  B.S.M.E.

Drago Karol Golli, Ph.D. (D.S., M.S. Drago Karol Golli, B.S.M.E.) (Drago Karel Goli, Drago Golli)

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