“Pontryagin’s Maximum Principle” as a cybernetic Bridge between Philosophy and Religion©

(“The Principle” as Trans-Post-Philosophy needed for the Start-up and Control of the next 2 Millennia, primarily as Restoration of the West)

(Synthesis of Kant-Marx, The Cognitional-Cosmological-Resurrectional-Model)

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D.S., M.S. Drago Karol Golli,  B.S.M.E. Dr. mag.  Drago Karol Golli, univ. dipl. inž. OB DOLENJSKI ŽELEZNICI 104, SI-1000 LJUBLJANA

Abbreviations*: Creation (CRE), Physical (PhW) or Spiritual (SpW) World, Physical (PhBo) or Spiritual (SpBo) Body, Physical (PhSf) or Spiritual (SpSf) Self , “All Things” (AT), Formation on the Earth (FPhW) or in SpW (FSpW), Paradise on the Earth (PPhW) or in SpW (PSpW), Heavenly Kingdom on the Earth (KPhW) or in SpW (KSpW), Formation (F), Growth (G), Completion (C), Returning Resurrection (RR), Old Testament (OT), New Testament (NT), Supplemented Testament (ST), Lord of Second Advent (L2A), Subject (S), Object (O), SungSang= essential character (SS), HyungSang= essential form (HS), 4-Position Base (4-P Base), Reciprocal Give and Receive Action (G/R Action), Unity/Union (U), Source-Division-Union Action (SO-DI-U Action), Identity Maintaining (I/M), Developmental (D), Space/Volume (V), Time (t), Dimension in V (1-D, 2-D, etc.), Matter (m), Density (ρ), Energy (En), Information (Inf), Money ($), Imaginary (i), Heart (Y), Intelligence (IQ), Pressure (p), Temperature (ζ), Entropy (s), Velocity (w), Universe (UN), Special (NONgravity) Theory of Relativity (SpeTR), General Theory of Relativity (GeTR), Quantum Mechanics (QM), Quantum Theory of Gravitation (QTG), Grand Unified Theory (GrUT), Big Bang (BB), Big Crunch (BC), Singularity (SL), Black Hole (BcH), Psychologically (PSYCH), Sociologically (SOCIO), Thermodynamic (THERM-t) or Psychological (PSYCH-t) or Cosmologic (COSM-t) Arrow of Time, Pontrjagin’s (Pontryagin’s) Maximum principle (PMp), Hamilton’s function (H), Hamilton’s principle of mechanics (HpMe), NONlinear Two-Point Boundary Problem (N2BP), West (W), East (E), Order of differential equation (n), t derivate (d/dt), t integral (òdt), Force (F), Control Force (u), state (y), Fixed Intrinsic Relation for Circulation (FIRC) or piston-camshaft-valves of Internal Combustion Engine, Direct Connection (DC), Circular Connection (CC), Disturbances (Dst, d).

* As an engineer (technician) trying to put my complex text in the form of cybernetic system, I have to use abbreviations. System also demands schemas, which accompany and radically explain my text.



The logic of my text is based from the Pontryagin’s maximum principle. L. S. Pontryagin was Russian mathematician who lived in Moscow from 1908 to 1988. Through my cybernetic thinking the Pontryagin’s maximum principle is expanded and developed as a complex interaction of philosophy, religion, social relations, family, beauty, evolution, … etc. Schemas that accompany my text don’t just illustrate certain ideas. They are exemplified as cybernetic form that tries to represent the interactive (Unity) Whole with new possibilities, proofs and insights. 

(Logika mojega teksta izhaja iz principa maksimuma Pontrjagina. L. S. Pontrjagin je bil ruski matematik, ki je živel v Moskvi od leta 1908 do 1988. Na osnovi moje kibernetske misli je Pontrjaginov princip maksimuma sedaj razširjen in razvit kot kompleksna interakcija filozofije, religije, družbenih relacij, družine, lepote, evolucije, … itd. Sheme, ki moj tekst spremljajo ne ilustrirajo le nekih idej. One z zgledom pokažejo kibernetsko formo, ki poizkuša predstaviti interaktivno (Enotno) Celoto z novimi možnostmi, dokazi in uvidi.)

Keywords: Pontryagin’s (Pontrjagin) maximum Principle, Lee’s philosophical-theological Kant-Marx Synthesis, Palmer’s psychological-sociological Freud-Marx-Jung Synthesis, Epistemology, Optimal Control Theory, Religion


The 20th century philosophy, although GrUT has been the Goal since BIOtechnology and socioBIOlogy, did not like “Grand Stories” (Lyotard), METAphysics (Witgenstein), technics (Benjamin), and it was also escaping into poetry. The decline of the W (World War II) was the beginning of technics and cybernetics and because they were not detrimental and because the elimination of religions from the philosophies led to a crisis, the “sacred” began to be analyzed (also by quoting) scientifically (Otto, Schleiermacher, Lévinas, etc.), mainly by physics for cognizance of myths/religions, while mathematics set up in the centre the Chinese (Palmer), Buddhism (Varela), etc. Certain streams (Ricoeur) consider the Evil explicable only beyond the cognition (through myths/religions), while others (Pareyson), without acknowledging the Evil, see the philosophy as a fantasy (Heidegger) and ignore the “Nothing”. Mathematicians noticed undecidableness in deductive systems in final selections (Gödel), which was taken advantage of to “abuse” the machines, but at the same time, the entering of philosophers into cybernetics (which is totally ignored by physicists) is also disputable (constructivists), whereas many- in the manner of sociologists- explain the world through overly simplified knowledge, also in a feminist manner, according to the E influence, in a disordered manner, replacing the God with a constitution (Palmer) and causing a contradiction of democracy (conflict S-S, public criticism of the government). Some believe that philosophers should only analyze and help the people find orientation, while others think that the philosophers should deal with the values, but the situation is unbearable because the “sacred” is analyzed by philosophers without theologians who, in turn, are afraid of mathematicians and study too young and without foundations. The cognitive science lost its way and with it the cognitivism (Turing, Barlow), connectionism (Haken, Hopfield, Hebb), enactivism (constructivism). Such are denoted by R.Rohr as number 5 people (cognitive but weak, more Buddhist-like; Plotin, Descartes, Spinoza, Feuerbach, Heidegger, Popper, Maria, Italy). Thomas Aquinas was called “a stupid ox”, while Thomas the Apostle said ‘Let us also go, that we might die with Him’ (John: 11, 16). Therefore Marx and Nietzsche reproached the philosophers for not changing the world. We need number 6 people (Peter the Rock: leader of Apostles). Thus we should not forget the luxury afforded to the philosophers by the 20th century and thus Lev Pavlovič Teplov elevated the engineers and technicians by delineating cybernetics.

The Thought of the Principle

It is not known if the philosophers and theologians are familiar with the Principle, but it is covertly copied and publicly used even by the Church and without being quoted also by certain philosophers (Fig 1). Some consider the Principle a gnostic-dualistic-eschatologic-political religion, which, however, is not true, this is a philosophy, the acting Universal Law, vision/guide to honest people, Standard (Criterion) for “solution” and changing of the world. It is methodology in all science-art (it can be a Holy Book, globaly), fixed for 2000 years (!), where it is impossible that something “neither is nor isn’t” (Buddhism) in V-t, correspondence is 1:1, thus even the smallest point is part of the V and even the shortest movement is part of t. The moving O passes through the V without resting and exists in V and t. Zeno took into account the V and not t and Achilles is definitely ahead of the turtle in his trek around the world. I will now prove the Principle by PMp since not even the SOCIOreligion can prove it although it is familiar with the theoretical (Comte, Durkheim, Marx, Weber), empiric, pluralistic (Husserl, Gadamer, Scheler, Wach) and scientific (Mensching, Scheler, Eliade, Sorokin, Otto) methodology.

Drago Karol Golli Figure 1 Chronological position Principle Pontryagin maximum principle
Figure 1: Chronological position of “the Principle” and “Pontryagin’s maximum principle” (PMp)

The Principle is a Whole. The Theory of Original Image (deductive) deals with polarity, Logos, Purpose, order, it solved the soul-body problem (Fig 2), it includes a 4-P base (expansion in the V) and SO-DI-U Action (order in t), thus the God is in motion, it is a PROTOtype of the Unanimous U (Fig 3). Ontology deals with AT, similar is a General Hierarchical Theory (M.D.Mesarović, Fig 1). The pairs S-O are correlatives if they are harmonical (SS-HS, Yang-Yin and Superior-Inferior), and hierarchy is present only in the PhW because of the V-t, an individual image is added to taxonomy, the Purpose and Direction determine D between I/M-D aspects (Fig 2). Circular motion is by rotation (inner G/R Action) and by revolution (outer G/R Action) and its transformations are spatial (electron-nucleus), SPIRAL (V-t), fixed (metals, plant roots), alternating (circulating blood or $/Inf) and spiritual (SS, Sp mind) circulation. The Theory of Original Nature (Fig 2) shows the man only as Homo amans as an equilibrium of the Image, Character (Y-Logos-Creativity) and Position (duality of S-O) of the God when he has SS-HS from AT, and his own when he has a functional (inner SS) and structural (inner HS) mind, and simultaneously the positions of O (humbly upwards) and S (lovingly-authoritatively downwards). Only husband-wife can attain perfection and the Fall was triggered by premature sexuality. However, Nietzsche emphasized only the body, Kierkegaard the individual, Jaspers love with other people, tension, struggle and the God of symbols, Heidegger conscience and anxiety.

Drago Karol Golli Figure 2 Order organization polarity-between God Universe developed out Principle
Figure 2: Order/organization of polarity between the God and UN; developed out of the Principle
Drago Karol Golli Figure 3 New marketing 2P Kotler dialectic 3P Hegel 4P Principle base
Figure 3: New marketing 2-P (Kotler, Jančič), dialectic 3-P (Hegel) and 4-P (the Principle) base

Axiology reminds SOCIO and humanists that due to Popper they mainly destroy values. Religions were ruthlessly enforced, today they are inappropriate, including the old Greek values. Greek materialists emphasized speculative physics, sophists only relativism, Socrates induction, Plato the truth-goodness-beauty, Aristotle the will-intellect, Hellenic-Roman branch missed, Augustine emphasized “creatio ex nihilo” and the Mercy, the Modern Period missed, Descartes bound values to the mind, Pascal denied the mind, existencionalism is not uniform, Bentham emphasized only the happiness, Kant noumental world, Windelband philosophy, the Marburg school logic/transcendentalism (the Baden school the opposite), analytical philosophy eliminated axiology, for pragmatism values are but tools and communism was against them. The Theory of Education emphasized balanced education (Y/character-Norm/citizen-genius/Domination) as an extension of family (a MICROcosmos of UN) education. Christianity emphasized only Sacrificial Love (agape) and did not define the Purpose of CRE, Erasmus only liberality, Comenius the talent, Rousseau natural education, Kant moral education and he doubted the God, Herbart thought presentations, Dewey growth-development-progress-technics, Marx and Lenin universally-fully developed man, democracy the rights, capitalism saw the students as an instrument of bourgeoisie and communism saw them as an instrument of dictators. The Principle was approached by Comenius (intellectual-moral-religious), Pestalozzi (family-knowledge-morals-religion-technics) and Fröbel (a whole man with God’s nature). Plato is an exception (the Ideal CITYstate led by a philosopher in accordance with the Idea of the God). The Theory of Ethics considers the people equal only in love and personality, where women are also presidents or directors if their functional difference (!) towards men allows them to do it (it is easy to make a career without $, to forget the family and charge the cost of artificial insemination and treatment of cancer to the society). Feminisms caused breakdown of families and struggle S-S, Kant emphasizes only motivation/experience and selfpurpose, Bentham the happiness in the material world, natural scientists facts and the law of CAUSE-EFFECT, James applicability, analytical philosophy split the facts-values and Dewey believes that the science is in conformity with the values as soon as the society begins to improve. The Theory of Art brings together the scientific-laic, purpose-desire, idealism-realism (SpW-PhW) and love-beauty, while the art is the essence of culture and the beauty is an emotional F that the S (inner 4-P base of Creation-Appreciation) receives from the O (outer 4-P the same base). The style follows from the motive, inner SS and inner HS, but subsequently each becomes realism from idealism. Plato emphasized only the beauty, Aristotle the symmetry-definitness-entelehia, Kant subjective purposefulness for O, Read reference ‘i’ point, Tchaikovsky– he was a homosexual, communism imprisoned the writers and forced them to paint the machines, Mao Tse-tung needed intellectuals only for elections, socialist realism standardized the art as Superstructure (this was forgotten while the Illiad remained), Gorki emphasized the external revolution and his unschooled mother. Tolstoj approached the Principle with true love and internal Sp revolution. Historical theory emphasizes motion, Patterns (synchronity, parallely, SPIRAL), the Beginning, Direction and Goal of history and the Theory of Responsibility. The history is not a class struggle, under U of determinism-indeterminism it is subject to the Laws of repeated Sp CRE (Correlatives, G/R Action, S-S, centre=S, ORD, 6=preparation for the Messiah, “Double Responsibility) and Laws of Restoration (DI Good-Evil, 4=Restoration, “indemnity condition”, False/Evil Preceding the Truth, Horizontal Reappearance of the Vertical, Synchronity). The Greek fatalistic (Herodot, Tukidides), the provident (Christianity), the spiritually progressive (Hegel), the historically materialistic (Marx) and the empirical/life (Simmel) view missed. Synchronity of the W history was noticed by Spengler and Toynbee (the latter noticed also the SPIRAL) within the cultural view and Toynbee advocated indeterminism in hazy Goal in terms of free will. Epistemology maintains that ‘Forms of Thought’ are not unrelated to experience as was erroneously argued by Kant and that ‘Forms of Existence’ of the world are not a reflection of the Forms of thoughts as was erroneously argued by Marx, because the man has always been a V-t being and has always had Forms of thoughts for S and O. Aristotle, solipsism, naive realism, realisms, idealisms missed. Bacon emphasized only the experiment-induction-analysis-analogies, Locke the experience, “tabula rasa”, intuition, logical proof for God, Berkeley only sensors, Hume causality-beliefs-customs, Descartes the duality of mind-body, Spinoza determinism and pantheism, Leibniz mathematics, Wolff nothing, Hegel induction (and he stole from the Bible). Some parts of the Principle were discovered by Hegel, Kant, Marx, and Eccles by distinguishing the mind-body and the mind-brain. Logic considers thinking to be objective-subjective (U I/M-D) in Forms and contents, and this under the influence of the Purpose, Direction, Law, Criterion and relations elsewhere, which results in the cognition (theory) and domination (practice, leadership). A small part of the Principle was discovered here by Hegel (Fig 3), Marx (reflection) and Kant (synthesis). Formal logic emphasized only subjective Forms and the law of identity/contradiction (without Criteria), symbolic logic precision and strictness (but this is only for geniuses and does not lead to Perfection). The categories of idealists, materialists, stoics and Mill are wrong and the Principle gives as the main ones the existence-F, SS-HS, Yang-Yin, S-O, position-settlement, action-EFFECT, I/M-D, V-t, number-principle and finitude-infinity. Methodology in terms of objective Truth (Fig 2) for the S gives the inner G/R Action between inner SS-HS and for O the inner G/R Action between SS-HS and sees the UN as driven by the Law of Heaven (developed by Logos). The Idea is developed along the SPIRAL, logical structures of the language are only a necessary condition (Y is more). A part of the Principle was found by Heraclitus, Zeno, materialistic dialectics, Socrates emphasized only the dialogue (outer G/R Action), Plato internal dialogue (collation inner G/R Action), Aristotle deduction (collation inner G/R Action), Bacon induction (collation outer G/R Action the man-AT), Descartes “cogito, ergo sum” (inner G/R Action of the mind) and clear/distinct things (repetitive inner D G/R Action of the rational stage of cognition), Hume the subjective part of the CAUSE-EFFECT law and the Idea (inner HS). The Principle was approached by Marx (the laws are not appropriate only in terms of contents), Husserl (like Descartes he emphasized for S the repetitive inner D G/R Action between Noesis-Noema of the rational stage of cognition, and for O only AT) and analytical philosophy (for the language the inner D G/R Action between Logos-Pathos). Engels and Popper (he hated Marx, Plato, Hegel, Comte) missed.

Pontryagin’s Maximum principle (Lev Semjonovič Pontrjagin)

Pontryagin expanded calculus of variations for the systems restricted by BOUNDARIES (in y and/or u) by his PMp (as radical as the Fourier’s law or the Absolute zero). PMp (Fig 1) provides LOCAL extremal control but only the necessary condition and it adjusts the structures of the controller directly (!) and uniquely to the given O, while due to the indispensability of the model y for O (state model y, “a”, PhW), it minimizes the influence of CC (prone to INstability), thus deriving mainly from the (stable) DC (≈Perfection), from g, producing as a kind of (symmetrical) reflection the costate system Ψ (adjungated, negatively transposed: aT”, covariant model, SpW), both connected by H (Fig 4).

Drago Karol Golli Figure 4 Technical cybernetics regular controller PI given structures optimal Pontryagin controller
Figure 4: Technical cybernetics: regular controller PI of given structures and optimal controller PMp

The control law still needs to be obtained from the PMp, relais (the jumps) is always possible and simple, but the SL-solution (sliding) is exceptional. The start-up is a special regime. Transversality condition provides the missing equations if y(tf)≠fixed. The solutions at O with n=1 under the Criteria of (optimal) ‘t’, ‘fuel’, ‘En’ and ‘trajectory and attained Goal’ are usually analytical. At n=2 such solutions usually occur under Criteria ‘t’, ‘fuel’ and ‘En’ (often tf=infinite), but under Criterion ‘trajectory and attained Goal’ sometimes òforward/backward (Riccati). However, under Criterion only for ‘t’ under condition tf= fixed at n=1, N2BP may appear, and at n=2 a mixed N2BP. At n=3 analytical solutions are perhaps possible under Criterion ‘t’, but a N2BP appears under the composed Criteria (already at n=3 or if y cannot be separated from Ψ), and then the problem may be solved only by simulation at the simultaneous solving of N2BP, in order to determine or adjust, by cooperation (collation) between y (model y, PhW) and Ψ (SpW), the beginning and the end to the latter.

Klaus, Bennett, Varela, Železnikar and Palmer

Klaus does not reach to the optimization level (Criteria), and he attributes SPONTANEITY only to children. He sees the base-CITYstate as a contradiction, therefore the socialist democratic centralism did not operate only as a CC (circularity causes ‘Satan’ cyclic crises, INstability, but the EFFECTS are seen only when it is already too late; Višnegradski, Ljapunov, Andronov), and a superior (!) system (power authority) obtained another function, a causal DC (indispensable in revolutions, in the protection of the new against the old or Dst, and in restorations), which resembles conservatism-liberalism (I/M-D) or CENSORSHIP-freedom. In terms of cybernetics, the 1st grade of the Whole is always given by U of DC-CC (Fig 4). Technics is more unique (O.Y.Gasset, Sombart, Aslberg, Scheller, Plato), the Nature does not know, e.g., the jet engine (not the physicists’ domain). Bennett (Fig 1) gives the synergetic Ideal society (values provide Criteria to the history and facts to the m, the U of 4 cultures is indispensable: the Great Mother-Spirit, God Creator-Messiah), t arrows (Laplace, Fantappie), 3 layers of the world (the will of leaders is more important), 3 En (material-vital-Cosmic), he criticises the possibility of a SPONTANEOUS rise of the high order, negates a personal (CIRCULAR) God, emphasizes Cosmic Individuality (Kierkegaard is a problem, Comte also provided a world ‘principle’). Evil is a transition from the animal innocence to the man’s corruption (marketing-$-egoism do not provide stability), because the man’s transformation does not originate in the animal but comes from the U of man-Jesus. He sees the 4-P base (tetrad) as a sequence of Cosmic Individuality (Jesus, Hyparxis, Intervention), transformations (S), Cycle (O) and the man, and also as a sequence of Cosmic Harmony (Transcendental Decree), CRE (S), the man (O) and religion. S and O are the means. He also uses the 5-P base. The threat of Hyparxis (the past-future equally accessible, “Double responsibility”, hyparxic future as the Plan, “indemnity condition”, “dispensation for restoration”) are 3 Cosmic En (conscious, creative, unionistic=Holy Spirit). “War with the present t” is demonstrated horizontally as memories-hopes (PSYCH-t, causalTRACES-determinatedFATE) and here also orthogonally as realizations-decisions (interaction-Being Hyparxis, LIVINGpast-PREDESTINATEDfuture), while vertically the Patterns are above the Forms (passive-active Eternity, values-facts). Perpetuum mobile does not exist, the movement of planets would be equally well described at inverted t. As the basis of everything Varela (Fig 1) set up the CIRCULARITY, SPONTANEITY, U of divided CAUSE-EFFECT and U of S-O and as the key of Nature, the “creative circle” (recursivness, “selforganization”, autopoiesis). By crossing/intertwinning through skipping, 2 separate levels provide the “Higher Domain” (METAdomain, gestalts, emergences, >∑parts), and the synthesis of “neither structure nor function” and autonomy, which as a specific kind of operational/organizational closing means the life (living), fractals (NONliving) or abolishment of paradoxality (cognition), etc. Foerster also has a cognition system for the autonomous “double” closed TORUS, which “groundless” (Dst are sucked up, there are no Inputs) and without Criteria calculates only the reality of “neither inside nor outside”, because the ratio between the signals of the mind coming “from the outside” and those “from the inside” is 1:105, and it is claimed that science unfortunately deals with the 0.001 % of the outside signals. For Železnikar (Fig 1), the core of modernism (“Inf age”) is the m-En-Inf concept and of POSTmodernism (“Inf understanding”) as SUPERconstruction of the NONliving (concept m-En-t-V), the concept m-En-Inf-IQ and CIRCULAR or evolutionist “God as Inf”. This is SPONTANEOUSLY (dispositionally) selected “internal” (hermeneutical, ONTICAL, contemplating) God, if “the external” (pragmatical, ANTI-Inf, ontological, cultural semantic) ideological influence is not destructive. The Being’s total Inf (autopoietic) disappears by death and ceases to inform. The God of Islam is an Inf inaccessible to the man, like Aristotle’s God. Informatization, cybernetics (he places it almost at the bottom) and informatics are to be followed by a triad of Inf-PSYCH, Inf-SOCIO and the most superior Inf-philosophy. Palmer (Fig 1) writes in a SPIRAL (Derrida is known for his word acrobatics, for his deliberate unclarity), he spreads ontology on TORUS, as well as epistemology (Fig 5), and transversally (similar to the Principle), the Ontics (SUBquark-quark-particle…-PROTOcell-living/cognitive-cells…-Gaia). Palmer maintains that Varela could only see t/V causality, only reversibility living-cognitive, that all that remains of Varela is “selforganization” and that all the rest is feigned, incoherent and logically wrong. For Palmer, Varela’s structures are only a level of the Pattern and autopoiesis (organization) only a level of the Form (Spencer-Brown). In order for Varela to discuss the System, he must introduce an “ad hoc” observer. Palmer gives 3 organizations (Spencer-Brown, Merleau-Ponty) where the structures control their model of processes (both only in V-t), and where as intaglio traces appear the levels of Patterning-Forming (bellow the manifestation level), living-cognitive (homeostatic controller, dual of homeodynamic) and PSYCH-SOCIO (heterodynamic controller on the BOUNDARY of the emergent, dual of heterostatic), and are MERGED with the processes. 3 “special systems” are tied by a circular EMS cycle or by a 4/5-P base (Fig 6), and these are tied to the METAsystem (<∑parts) through Görtzel’s Magicians by METAalgebras. He distinguishes between 4 Beings (Fig 5), derives from “creatio ex nihilo”, combines with PRE-PROTO-ARCHETYPE-ULTRA, etc. In the Hebrew 3-P base, the Son/Daughter are created by the U of Father-Mother (only the subsequent philosophical speculations seek this U in “Nothing”), while the Pagan 4-P base is CIRCULAR, selfinseminated and it rotates around the “Nothing” without the known Beginning and End (Crowley).

Drago Karol Golli Figure 5 Distribution ontologic emergent algebraic characteristics developed out Palmer
Figure 5: Distribution of ontologic-emergent-algebraic characteristics; developed out of Palmer
Drago Karol Golli Figure 6 Hebrew 3P Crowley Pagan CIRCULAR 4P 5P Palmer EMS cycle base
Figure 6: Hebrew 3P Crowley Pagan CIRCULAR 4P 5P Palmer EMS cycle base


Hawking sees our real world as an Illusion, Maya (in the manner of the E), he criticizes the Earth as a symbol of the centre (Aristotle, Ptolemy, the Church), fragmentariness of classical theories and DANGER (Hawking is thus a constructivist), I/M-aspect (Aristotle, Newton, for I/M see Fig 2), Absolute t (Aristotle, Newton), relative t (infinite twisted V-t, Einstein), real t (only t and 3-D is detected by sensors and only in flat V-t), SIMILITUDE of deterministic controls for UN and for the man and from y(t) prediction in y(tf) (Laplace), one ordered and carefully selected set y(t0), y(tf), t0, THERM-t0 and COSM-t0 at CRE (Augustine, Kant, Einstein: ‘God does not throw dice’, the Principle: ‘God did not err, and emotions can be described mathematically’), SLOWNESS or stationarness presumably before and after BB (Bondi, Gold, Hoyle), influences “from outside” (start up and operation), V as “outside the BOUNDARIES” and parallelism PhW-SpW (Leibniz), V as the sensorium of God (Leibniz, Newton), BB (SL, BcH, ↑gravitation), uselessness of GeTR (Einstein) and classical laws for the description of the hot BB, UN as a wound up clock (Newton did not negate the ‘intervention’ of God in the world but saw the clock as in need of repair, Koyré). Hawking sees our real world as BOUNDless and twisted in finite V-t (closured ‘in itself’) ‘surface’ of the sphere, he emphasizes an holistic approach (constructivism, complexionism, QTG=GrUT, but he cannot find U of GeTR-QM) and SECURITY, and QM (Schrödinger’s ‘s’, Heisenberg with ‘minimum fluctuations’ as the foundation of the world, Dirac), only D-aspect, imaginary t (this is not discernible, it is parallel with V), SIMILITUDE between UN-particles (Feynman: a particle=∑“of all”histories, Hawking: UN=∑“of possible”histories) and from quantum (!) y(t) prediction (with a small measure of uncertainty) in y(tf), SEVERAL quantum (ordered) chaotic incidental beginning sets for the CRE of UN, spontaneous CIRCULARITY and sufficiency “in itself”, elimination of CRE (Popper), not possible destruction before BC (Friedmann, but it will be SIMILAR to the collapse of a star), breakdown of symmetry (phase transitions), NONexistence of BB and SL (Penrose: every Friedmann’s UN which is expanding starts with SL, but the UN is infinite in V), NONexistence of BcH (Linde: SLOW or chaotic inflation), 3 equally directed arrows of t (THERM-t, PSYCH-t and COSM-t, by a combination of these the appearance of man is possible-NONpossible, turning of t forward-backward and fitting an increasing-decreasing ‘s’ to t). Here are also the M-theory, P-branes, 11-D gravitation, 10-D membrane, but the infinity cannot be fully evaded not even in the string theory (these are as a kind of mechanical, electrical and control installations in 2-D and 3-D; converting-diverting Wye), and for the appearance and existence of man there are 3-D (Palmer also has maximum=3, Fig 5) optimal in terms of V.

Cybernetic completion (clarification) of the Principle

The Principle states that the sin and Evil Serpent were not in the CRE plan, because in such case there would be 2 opposing F in the UN (Good-Evil, S-S) that would destroy it. Mortality was planned for PhSf (it is not a punishment for the Fall), and not for SpSf. Because of the Fall (EveAdam), the G/R Action with the God was cut off and hence the appearance of Hell (in PhW and in SpW a 3-layered place for scums, without God’s love) and the need for Criteria. Therefore the God, in order to destroy the Evil, set up the fulfilment of the “Purpose for UN” and “Goal of dispensation for Restoration” as the maximum of the Ideal (Goodness)”, therefore it does not take interest in fossils but helps only the leaders, works from LONGterm perspective and in extremes. If under the Law of DI of Good-Evil (struggle S-S) the Good S fails, the God must allow his ruin as an “indemnity condition” in order to facilitate the victory to the Good side (e.g., in the war) through a better leader (a central person, a genius). The genesis of wars is physical-cold-moral war. In average persons the natural F retreat because of their shallowness, consequently the astrology is more determining in leaders (Crowley). There is no reincarnation, only RR or “conditional” returning to the God (Jaspers and Nietzsche missed here), however, this is not the resuscitation of the remains of PhSf from the graves (the Jews), but for the living and the dead only the restoration of SpSf (which is not recognizable on PhBo), and this is driven by 1 selfcontrol and 3 control stages. In the last stage, the PMp is involved, because SpSf from SpW and SpSf from PhW (PhBo still alive) cannot make progress one without the other and the first has to return to the Earth and fulfil his responsibility by cooperation (collation). The living thus have priority (restoration), they are the centre between SpW-PhW and the Messiah will come only when the fallen man restores himself to his Original condition before the Fall. “The last days” are not a catastrophe, but the overturn of the Satan’s (the Archangel knows the God’s Plan) reign (Fig 7). We see the branching (seeking), which is characteristic in optimal controls, also in the PMp (including in the N2BP regime), and this is derived from HpMe and dynamic (consecutive) programming (Bellman). Palmers found 15 possible worlds and 3 of them are ‘best’ (refered to by Jesus), but 12 other may be seen, but missed that Leibniz was wrong about that there was only 1 best (has no Being). The latter expands the possibilities of NONlinear programming to avoid the necessity of solving partial differential equations. According to the Principle’s Ontology, the attributes are universally distributed in AT and the man is to dominate the latter (but not the people). First the God planned the man, then the angel and AT, but the CRE went in the reverse direction. Stalin did not understand AT (he explained them as organically connected and in a METAphysical role towards individual beings). If the Principle is showed in the same manner as Palmer (Fig 5), we also discover (!) 13 segments (Fig 8) and, additionally, 2 Falls (of angel and man), and now it is evident (the Principle does not emphasize it) that the indispensable parts of the system are reduced “Nothing” (Palmer), Hell (it is a contradiction that today many do not believe in it while they do believe in God) and the PMp field (in Palmer we find Annihilation and the Symmetry Breaking, Fig 6). Under the Principle’s Ontology, the man is not a ∑“of parts”, but has specific differences of progressive animals accumulated in layers (the lower the layer, the less distinctive it is). Historical theory also states that the providence of unsuccessful leader and thus the “indemnity condition” are repeated in an increasingly complex manner at a higher level on the basis of the so-called t-numerologic-aspect identity. Between God-man there is an exchange of elements which get increasingly better through an increasing cooperation between PhSf (anatomy-physiognomy) and SpSf. This involves neutral spiritual, Yang living and Yin vital elements. The conscience created from the U of PhSf-SpSf is not decisive, it is only individually variable orientation into the Good. Special cooperation which is similar to the processes in PMp is RR, while PMp inevitably needs Inputs (Fig 4, 5) and Criteria, and the latter, under the Theory of Original Image, e.g., already LIMITED the free will (this is not a condemnation). Spirit-Body (S-O) is placed in the invisible-visible substantial world through Inputs, through 5 physical (PhBo) and 5 spiritual (SpBo) sensors, but the Sp mind of the fallen man is cut off the Sp sensors and the God cannot reach him. Although the fallen men do not have Logos and are not the God’s Temple, the Primeval Goodness remains in them and the Satan (Archangel) exerts his influence on them only indirectly through Evil Spirits (physically dead persons), this is not a cooperation, PMp is not accessible to any of them. I had (as engineer) to make a research in order to conclude that PMp is indeed involved in these processes and I found 13 combinations. E.g., the adjungated system cannot appear also in the role of the superior controller and this controller (software, the Spirit) cannot be just a negatively transposed model (“aT) of hardware and, moreover, of a lower level (Fig 9). Only 1 combination proved to be possible and feasible as a philosophical proof and by it I set up the cybernetic scheme of man (SpW and PhW) as a MICROcosmos of 2 worlds (Fig 10). Under the Principle’s Theory of Beauty, the impulse for love in S is to give love “first” or “to the Right” and in O to “be loved”. Y is an emotionally impulsive F, it is a U of happiness-love in man (in artist) and in Original SS (in the Creator). People have free will and they follow the impulses. The artist also makes his plan so that the motivation (motive, emotional impulse) triggers the G/R Action “to the Right” between the inner SS (intellect-emotions-will) and inner HS (theme, SS materials, subjective), and the art (practice) by the outer G/R Action between SS (plan) and HS works of art (medium, HS materials, quantitative).

Drago Karol Golli Figure 7 Branching to Goal optimal trajectory developed out Principle
Figure 7: Branching to the Goal shows the optimal trajectory; developed out of the Principle
Drago Karol Golli Figure 8 Basis organization Phisical World Spiritual World developed out Principle
Figure 8: Basis for organization of PhW and SpW; developed out of the Principle
Drago Karol Golli Figure 9 One impossible combinations Pontryagin placement in Principle
Figure 9: One of the impossible combinations of PMp placement in the Principle (see Fig 4)
Drago Karol Golli Figure 10 Control integration All Things angel in man without 8 worlds developed out Principle
Figure 10: Control integration of AT/angel in man (without 8 worlds); developed out of the Principle

The Principle’s Epistemology emphasizes the SIMILITUDE of mind-body, man-UN and Sp-Ph mind. The Original mind is a Whole of the Sp (functions, inner SS: will-intellect-emotions) and Ph (structures, inner HS: ideas-concepts-laws-mathematics) mind (Fig 2), therefore the Theory of education/ethics places the family (vertical-horizontal order, outer 4-P base), due to the SIMILITUDE with the UN, above the “individual” (inner 4-P base) and as a model to SOCIO-ethics (U of facts-values). Not only do the (external) PhW-SpW processes in RR run parallely, but so do also the (internal) psychological-physiological processes, therefore the cognition SIMILAR has 3 stages (sensory-understanding-rational), and the body mental-physical elements at all levels (!). The God prescribed to the beings a material Form (DNA), which involves 3 elements for life (subconsciousness inside the cells), with which Varela (constructivists) is so concerned, for PROTOconsciousness (subconscious mind of the lower level of cells) and Cosmic consciousness (Higher Level Mind, which enters directly into the cells, reads DNA, gives life to the cell and passes into cortex), thus triggering also the outer G/R Action (cell-cell) and inner G/R Action (nucleus-cytoplasm). The cognition judgment standard is the PROTOtype, involving SIMILARLY 3 elements, a PROTOimage (contents), A-priori Idea (Form that existed even before the experience) and Empirical Idea (habits, therefore the PROTOtype grows in memory and knowledge through the experience, multiplication). The cognition includes the experience and the judgment is performed by the function of the mind, it involves the cooperation (collation) of the internal (contents/Form of PROTOtypes from S) and external (contents/Forms coming from O) images and it runs from the outer I/M, inner I/M, inner D (theory) to the outer G/R D Action (practice, multiplication). The mind’s signals are not understood by the constructivists– in comparison with PI, the PMp controller at n=3 displays the proportion of approx. 1:105 (Fig 4 and Literature 9, 10) between external-internal Inputs/operations. Thus PMp operates (with unfallen people) also in cognition and evidently 1 level before than in RR (Fig 11), and this is an indispensable principle of the processes within the (Principle’s) theories of Art, Logic and Methodology as well. Thus PMp was triggered 1 level before than in the cognition also at the moment of CRE and all stages include the SPIRAL as well (Fig 13). SIMILARLY the society also has 3 stages, namely CainIDEOLOGY (RenaissanceEnlightenmentCommunism), AbelIDEOLOGY (ReformationAwakeningNEWreformation) and Political/structure (monarchydemocracyKPhW). The Renaissance has SS (Abel: Hebraism, Reformation) and HS (Cain: Hellenism, Humanism, Renaissance) aspect, struggle religion-philosophy has SS (Abel: Spencer, Wesley, Edwards, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel) and HS (Cain: Descartes, Locke, Herbert, Strauss, Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzsche) aspect and the maturing has SS (Abel: humane revolutions of the British/USA) and HS (Cain: brutal revolution of France, assistance to “single mothers”, separation of the Church).

Drago Karol Golli Figure 11 Start up of Pontryagin delayed by 1 in Creation cognition Resurrection sequence
Figure 11: Start-up of PMp is delayed by 1 in the CRE-cognition-Resurrection sequence

Thus PMp (in unfallen people) is inevitably operating also in the brain processes (but already in animals, this possiblity does not exist anymore, which is logical because a fallen man changes into animal), and on the basis of the above said I set up a cybernetic cognition scheme (Fig 12). The lesser the cooperation between the PhSf and SpSf, the greater the deviation of the y model of the PMp controller from the real y, i.e. it is vanishing altogether (Fig 4), consequently the DC (model) and structures of the controller, adjusted uniquely to every O and to Dst (characteristic of PMp), are vanishing, and therefore the growing impact of the CC increases the threat of INstability and moves the EFFECT into the far future, and the weaker the Sp sensors get, the poorer the operation of PMp, which finally leads to its extinguishing, making the animal all that is left of man (only PSYCH-SOCIO, Palmer), but I will show that this is as far as the Palmer’s philosophy goes.

Drago Karol Golli Figure 12 Principle Epistemology basis cognition control in human
Figure 12: The Principle’s Epistemology indicates basis for this system of cognition control in man

Under the Principle’s Theory of Original Image En is the essence of m, while the essence of the Original (Divine) HS is a NONphysical En, which as PRE En may become only m, while forms are states of graded “vibrating En”. Under the Theory of motivation ofY, the Primary (PRE) F was not created, but it is also Absolute (transcends V-t), and it contained 2 opposite but Good Forces F, which after CRE caused a Universal Primary (PRE) F that became the initiator and (!) director of G/R Action between S-O in all the UN (Fig 2, 3). The God is thus alive and active and the source of Life and happiness. The God planned KSpW and KPhW (Fig 7, 8), while at the end of CRE there existed only the PhW (AT and unfallen man) and SpW (angels), thus He took for the restoration of the fallen man what He had at his hand, i.e. PMp. Logos is the Plan of the God’s mind (Word, Law of the UN), thus CRE had to take place in the opposite direction from the cognition processes (the man), and this from the inner I/M, outer I/M, inner D to outer G/R D Action (multiplication), and with SIMILAR levels as 0th: (REST), 1st: (Y, 2-x F), 2nd: (Logos, s/Inf) and 3rd: “hot” level (Creativity, m/En). Thus PMp ‘started’ at CRE even before BB, and based on the above stated, I set up a cybernetic scheme for CRE (Fig 13). Hegel saw the Christianity as the central religion of the world (the same as the Principle), through which the Restoration will inevitably take place (Isa: 46,11). The God’s will for this is Absolute, Unique, Eternal, Uncheangeable (Fig 14), therefore I supplemented the 4-P base with quotations from the NT (Fig 3). What we have here is SPIRAL motion, which is circulation in the V (restoration of man, repetitions of leaders on the basis of “indemnity condition” and by this the foundations of faith vertically and then incarnation substantially) and simultaneously linearity in t (a repeated Sp CRE of man, movement to the Goal or Original world, resp.; hope). Then there comes the path of the Principle. The history according to the Principle is thus a “Double responsibility” God-man, which in PMp corresponds to N2BP (Fig 4), when the Beginning y(t0) of CRE and the Original world y(tf) are fixed (at tf=free, irrelevant). Only for the W, the Pattern of restoration in the REST-OT-NT-ST model at every level (6-x) is demonstrated through 400-400-120-400-210-400 years (persecution-startUP-U-DI-slavery-Messiah), which in OT means Jacob-judges-Israel-Israel-Jews-Malachi, and in NT Jesus-patriarchs-ChristianityChristianitypapalEXILELuther. The God is a biker at the best, he is a live machine in the sense that he really is a machine, constructivist distinction trivial-NONtrivial machine is insufficient. By this I also proved the correctness of the Principle’s Theory of Holy Trinity (Fig 13, 14), and (the indispensable) existence of the Hell (Fig 7, 8). The BB in fact consists of 3 Bangs which followed the REST where the laws, cybernetic (!) and physical, are conserved in a cold Bang (WATER, Fig 10: the begining of living) and m/En in a hot Bang (FIRE, Fig 10; the end of living), and this is only the G/R Action from the SO-DI-U Action from the 4-P base (Fig 3). Therefore it is also logical that the 3rd component at the cell level, the Cosmic consciousness, enters the man through a cell (plant level, Fig 10) and then into the cortex. Palmer set “FIRC” (4/5-P base) as the centre and for the mediator between ‘I Ching’-PhW (unknowingly) the animal (4 in Fig 5, therefore he also has METAL or WOOD), while the Principle set “cybernetics” (4-P base) in the centre and for mediator of U between SpW-PhW the animal-Spirit (the man). As if there existed 1-D (MERGED, t SLOW, I/M), 2-D (2-P base, 2-x F), 3-D (3-P base, the God’s Holy Trinity, 3-x Bang, t0 for QUICK t, D), 4-D (4-P base), 5-D (4/5-P base, physics), 6-D (6-P base, chemistry), and all through to 11-D. Physics, chemistry, languages, etc. are only tools to “mechanical engineers”, the latter are ‘universal’ (Cramer’s rule), and although expressionism resists technics by the man’s inside (Kircher, Heckel, Werfel, Trakl), they stay in women’s dreams (but the Russian women are the most sensual; R.Housden). The physicists find that the early UN had equal ζ, that it is even uniform and that it expands in all directions with almost identical w, which is indicated by the measurements of the Background, therefore Linde subsequently supplemented his models with “chaotic inflation” (this time without the questionable phase transitions and undercoolings), while Hawking therefore saw his final/LIMITless UN not in a perfect order but with minimum possible uncertainties of the positions/w of particles or waves, resp. (i.e. deviations or oscillations from the uniform ρ) that are still allowed by QM (Heisenberg), and only afterwards the UN began to expand. Hawking maintains that in 1970, he and Penrose proved that the hot BB was indispensable only if GeTR was correct and if there was as much m as we see now, but the problem is also because in the BB, all laws of physics (also GeTR) failed, while cybernetic (!) laws are not seen by Hawking. The Russians protested and Hawking then eliminated the possibility of a hot BB or SL, as did Lifšic and Halatnikov (there are infinitely more Friedmann’s models without SL). A hot BB would certainly be followed by cooling and thus annihilation of electrons-ANTIelectrons (only a few electrons are saved), while Hawking maintained that neutrines-ANTIneutrines would not be annihilated in the process, but these cannot be measured yet due to their negligible En. The Russians, a suffering and special nation, found out in 1981 that “neutrines” are a shape of “Dark m”, which, however, has a sufficient gravitational pull to stop the expansion of the UN and cause BC, which, however, Hawking refused to admit. The (cold) background (Fig 13) therefore has a control capacity.

Drago Karol Golli Figure 13 Basis for Creation before Big Bang developed out Principle
Figure 13: Basis for what was happening in CRE before the BB; developed out of the Principle
Drago Karol Golli Figure 14 In terms or Pontryagin God human Universe as machines developed out Principle
Figure 14: In terms of PMp the God-man-UN are machines; developed out of the Principle


The ideas about GrUT (e.g., Golden Ages) of religions (Comte, Frazer, Jourés, Lunačarski, Vorländer, Feuerbach, Leroux, Durkheim, Wach), world family (Garaudy), U of religion-science (Dyson), Heaven-Earth (Plato, Garaudy) and Christianity-Marxism (deChardin, Janžekovič, Kolakowski), about KPhW (Marx, Kolakowski, Garaudy, Jews, Spencer, de Nostredame, Buber, Ching Hai) are not new, and in this respect, PMp encroaches upon all the sciences from the physics, attractors of cognition to the models of emotions (Fig 15). This was made possible by (!) cybernetics (intervention in control software). Palmer achieved controls only by algebras and therefore saw only the interaction between 4-D pentahedrone (control 5 Hsing EARTH-WATER-FIRE-METAL-WOOD) and 3-D tetrahedrone (EARTH-AIR-FIRE-WATER, Fig 10) as the model of Heaven-Earth (anywhere-nowhere-somewhere, Yin-Yang), “mobius strip” (octonione, reflexive) as a PSYCH-SOCIO level (LOCALLY dual, globaly NONdual, Fig 5), 4 anomalous series algebra-waves-XOR-topology, 4 Beings, for the support of EMS (Greimas) cube from “a”, “NONa”, “ANTIa” (but he did not comprehend ANTI“Trinity” nor “aT”, Fig 4), etc. He inverted Socrates’ masculine (+) 4-fold in order to get the feminine (), i.e. the origin-goal/arena-BOUNDARIES//Source-sink/stream-CAUSE, he used in EMS from the Law of Form-Pattern (Spencer-Brown) something-nothing-multiplicity-hierarchy as candidate-seed-monads-viewpoint (Fig 6). Physics knows 4-fold Inf/s//m/En, among the METAphysical there are Greek masculine (+) and Aristophanes’ feminine () 4-fold, and the W started its dualism with DI of aperion-perion or (transcendental, BOUNDless)-(immanent, LIMITED). Heidegger named the 4-fold of Heaven/Earth//mortals/immortals the Wild Being (facets, transcendence in immanence, machines), which originates in Socrates’ physis/logos//aperion/perion (NONduality of love is the masculine 4-fold of Order-Justice/Rta-Goodness-Fate, Fig 5), but this was discovered already before by Merleau-Ponty, who were followed by Deleuze and Guatarri. Pure Being (Form, Pure Presence, transcendence, illusionary continuity, consciousness with will) was known already to Aristotle, Descartes and Kant. The Process Being (Pattern, Essence, Immanence, “neither consciousness nor subconsciousness” or awareness) was discovered by Husserl and thus directed Heidegger. HYPER Beings (Monads, METAessences, immanence in transcendence, subconsciousness without will) was first discovered by Merleau-Ponty and then Heidegger and Derrida. The Principle’s God is not only a biker (Fig 14), who also has a REST when everything goes SLOWLY (Leibniz’s God is not Newton’s God, but a God of Sabbath, the God who is now engaged in restoration), but also the widest synthesis of transcendence-immanence (Hegel eliminated immanence by Logos, Marx transcendence, Wach none of them). It is clear that Palmer, who strangley resembles the Principle, unknowingly proved the Principle only up to the level of animals (in animal brain there is a tremendous induction-deduction going on) and unknowingly drew attention to the animal (Constitution of the USA, killings, immorality, gangs, rapes, OT) and natural (climate) “3rd Last days” (Fig 7). The Principle maintains that if the USA fall, the entire world will fall, and if a child sleeps with his head down, he will die (in 1992, 5000 children died in the USA), and if the USA in the role of the Archangel of USA-CIS-China and Israel II (Fig 1, 14) will neglect the S.Korea (Fig 17, 18), they will disappear. Palmer’s “Nothing” (and ‘I Ching’, which is not a religion), 4/5-P base (CIRCULAR, Fig 6), maximum at 3 (Fig 5) and his strange “cybernetics” have now become just part of the Principle due to PMp (Fig 5, 8), which pulled down Varela, but I pulled down Palmer (Fig 16) and indispensable (Fig 7) is the existence of another reversibility (no doubled) which he could not notice (Fig 17) and which from PMp inevitably follows from the Ψ costate system (Fig 4). PhW and SpW thus both operate as a double LC screen, while the Principle is like a spider (8 legs) on a round mirror reaching the edge (Fig 16). Optimal control is the edge between the classes of control, because the Criterion (of optimization) may only be set for a longer period ahead and if it is primitive, the optimization is such as well, there is no “optimization of the optimization of the Criterion”, neither can this be a new class of controls (Fig 14). It is SIMILAR in epistemology in terms of the criterion of truth and in philosophy in terms of the (fixed) methodology, and in black/grey/white boxes in terms of regularity. The constructivists suck up Dst into the “creative circle”, ontology into epistemology and the latter into methodology, and this perhaps into their “search of searching” or “quiet symbiosis”, they do not know because beyond the epistemology they do not acknowledge the Beginning and the End. They do not know that this is the level of plants (PMp does not work with plants, but the plants do think, R.A.Moody, Fig 10, 16), and see the methodology of technical machines as a “view from nowhere” (reductionism, separated O), and of living machines as a (cooperating) “view from everywhere” (complexionism, consideration of the edges), but they do not see the separation from the God and cooperation with Him. Technical cybernetics knows many Inputs (Fig 4): settings (the set points and parameters of controllers, sensors, CC), measured Dst (requirements of the model, e.g.ζ’, ‘w), unmeasured Dst (these Inputs are ‘in the air’, they are taken over almost ‘ad hoc’ by CC, which is much delayed in heavy O), ahead of ‘t known’ Dst, and definable Dst (which is not measurable but is identifiable with cybernetic observers, e.g. ‘s’). The cybernetics of 2nd order (II.) of constructivists is just a generalized Technical cybernetics (cybernetics of 1st order, I.), I introduce a (new) Cybernetics of 3rd order (III., Fig 16) and also an additional symbol for L2A (Fig 7, 16). The man’s contact with the God is in the divine section of the head thus dependent on the (quality) of the model from PMp controller, which is bound as DC to the Inputs of Dst (influences) and influenced by the Criterion (Fig 10, 12). One of the Principle’s Categories is finitude-infinity (thus it is inevitable that in UN one side is infinite and the other finite, Fig 18).

Drago Karol Golli Figure 15 Connection between mass Spiritual World Spiritual mind developed out Principle
Figure 15: Connection between m, SpW and spiritual mind; developed out of the Principle (see Fig 4)
Drago Karol Golli Figure 16 I degrade in Lee sense philosophies with ambition explain human plants thus think
Figure 16: I degrade (in the sense of Lee) philosophies with the ambition to explain the man (the plants thus think!)
Drago Karol Golli Figure 17 Existence of another third reversibility deriving from Pontryagin is indispensable
Figure 17: Existence of the another (3rd) reversibility deriving from PMp is indispensable

Hawking rebukes the Marxism/CENSORSHIP (DC) of the Russians, reproaches philosophers-chemists-Pope with their stupidity of physics, the Church with “sacrifice” (as if the List of forbidden books and symbolically the Earth as the centre of the UN were inappropriate). The “sacrifice” in the Principle is SIMILAR to intaglio traces (Palmer), less and less primitive through the courses of SYMBOL-IMAGE-SUBSTANCE-NEW (Fig 7, 14). The machines with “FIRC” are a buzzer (relation magnet-contacts), jet engine (fixed geometry compressor-turbine), etc. Hawking compares the man with computer, but “FIRC” ‘adjusts’ ALU with the registers in a fixed relation (the oscillator sequences CIRCULAR). Hawking collects the hints “from everywhere” (most frequently mentions Penrose) and only reached 2-phase flows and chaos in the explanation of the UN (by QM). Palmer is systematical (Fig 5, 10), providing the sequence of Pure (deterministic, ideas, laws: order, I/M, structures, parallel), Process (probable, NONmixed ∑(½V+½t): continuous+NONcontinuous, order+DISorder, I/M+D, structures+processes), Hyper (fuzzy, jumping┌┘: NONcontinuous, DISorder, deepened D, deepened processes), Wild (chaos, mixed@: continuous@NONcontinuous @order@DISorder @I/M@ deepened D @structures@ deepened processes) of the Being, which e.g. for the latter means (t/V@V/t)= t/V@ (t/V┌┘V/t). Hawking sees the UN as BOUNDless (not ‘infinite’!) and into the final V-t twisted “surface” of a SPHERE, while on small scales there are always possible on it small twisted V, e.g. 10-D, etc. However, I maintain that this applies only to atheists, CRE is the EFFECT of intervention of Y, “a pair of F”, where, however, one is the “first” (Fig 13), and t moves there SLOWLY, while with BB the Beginning t0 also gets t. “A pair of F” and conservative F are the domain of technics, H=const in conservative systems, in the first place Newton’s differential equations, then HpMe. The Principle indicates that PMp from the position of consciousness does not operate in AT (Fig 11), thus the minerals are interesting for neurological science and QM at the utmost as an instrument, because the signals inform already in the cells (Fig 10). Hawking’s world is SAFE, while Palmer in the World-Pattern (7+12, Fig 5) shows a struggle between chess (W, IQ, dynamics, U of Form-contents or noun-verb, maximally efficient artificial machines) and Go (E, intuition, stasis, U of Form-formlessness). The Principle sees harmony as the essence of UN (PREstruggle does not exist), where the invisible struggle between God-Satan is in progress only because of the Fall, to which in simple systems corresponds the Theory of games, which resembles viability (constructivists) and a struggle for survival (Darwin), where already 2 players create doubt, greed, betrayal, because it involves a simultaneous maximizing of success of one party and minimizing the success of the other party (Fig 7, 10), or a “mixed strategy with domination”, which is the level of animals (Palmer). The materialists (Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Heraclitus, etc.) explained the life with Nature and saw the CAUSE (‘arche’ from AT) as WATER-aperion-AIR-FIRE, but under the Principle this is also a 4-P base, present also in terms of control since CRE (Fig 3, 10, 13). Hawking cannot distinguish between physical-cybernetic laws (Fig 13), he wants to reach GrUT past the control parts of the UN, but he cannot (S.Clark), and he forgets B.Friedland’s book Control System Design (State-space methods), containing square Forms, which are hyperelipsoid, paraboloid and saddle, and these are Hawking’s UNs (stripped of control), but H are also such (Fig 4). All respect to G.Stephanopoulos (Chemical Process Control), particularly to Y.Takahashi (Control and Dynamic Systems), because in PMp through analytical solution by a simple O at n=3 (3-D state V) he entered the Theory of SL (stable-INstable saddle, knot or whirl), but I wanted N2BP, i.e. n=3 (mentor was forcing me into n=2). And if anything is a machine, with constructivists these are precisely the SAFE systems (alopoietic or trivial or artificial machines). Under the Principle, the Concepts, Laws, physics and mathematics belong only to the inner HS form (Fig 2, 12), and if we follow Palmer’s MEZZO-MACRO-MICRO (Fig 5, 8), it seems as if the classical NONrelativity Laws (PhSf, animal) ‘can be seen’ by anybody and the classical relative GeTR (SpSf, living) only by those with a U of subjective-objective mind (2., Fig 11) and the NONclassical probability QM only by those with activated RR between QM-GeTR (3., Fig 11). The ideas of Kant as ½∑(½Right+½Left) and Marx as ½∑(2x½Left) are both – each per se – wrong (Fig 12). Under the Principle, the UN is a planned aggregate of an infinite number of beings, it is a Great (organic) Being (Gaia-Maya) with collapses of the stars (cells), where the only exceptions from the superior-inferior are the Cosmos and the man, thus Hawking’s UN is not ours (Fig 10). In determining the extremal trajectory, PMp binds 2 worlds with the same Purpose/Goal and until the N2BP is activated, to every u corresponds the family of trajectories y or even a ∑“of all”histories (Fig 18). If there ware not even 1 religious person, the SpW (Fig 10) would be static.

Drago Karol Golli Figure 18 I degrade physics that has ambition explaining Universe thus Universe thinks
Figure 18: I degrade physics that had the ambition to explain the UN (SpW thus thinks!)

If the humans in these 2000 year will not restore themselves under the female initiative (Fig 7), the OT will return (Fig 14). W is effeminated, sexually degenerated, it gives in to CC (climate, “single mothers”) and forgets that W is the S, that the roots are Egypt (Osiris), that the Christianity is the centre and that even Spengler and Toynbee did not see the fact that the histories of the W (!) are only preparations for the Messiah (Fig 7). “Single mothers” publicly ‘mutilate’ (kill) the children for their own benefit, destroy 10 persons in LONGterm in the same plane also by ‘stealing’ (take over) other husbands, attract pedophils (whose target are children) and from their positions (even as presidents, mayoresses) they,- themselves poorly schooled into the Whole,- ‘educate’ the media-editors-publishers-directors-philolosophers. In the already broken-down family they furthermore destroyed the brother-sister horizontal line (because of only one child they thus become the God in a vertical line) and because of fear they seize the property of their brothers in particular, and these Patterns are repeated by their children (Fukuyama is horrified, but he supports the market economy, the CC), which is CIRCULARITY (Fig 17). In the law, social welfare (family violence) and health care, the $ runs “idle” (eating away the GDP), while it could pay the monthly bills of all the citizens. Political parties are but a farce. A doctor may never be a private doctor in principle (Hippocrates), because he creates the marketing needs. Unfortunately, the court may “not deliver” to the parties what rightfully belongs to them (even if they notice a theft/murder, while King Solomon delivered justice!), but only the “lawyer’s claims”, while directing the parties to fight one vs. another. 92 % of civil complaints end by a Settlement (Redfield), destroying one of the parties including their descendants, which means ‘killing’ the citizens, the 3 branches of power and authority being obsolete. Such is the CITYstate (Country) as are its Courts and vice versa. Education is in crisis, doctor’s degrees are incomparable, the faculties are full of ‘dolls’, the relationship between teacher-student has deteoriated and philosophy and theology are no more the ultimate studies that one undertakes in one’s life. In the past (Bologna-Paris-Oxford), the university studies starting with science (quadrivium; Euclides, Ptolemy, Aristotle, Al-Kharizmi), proceeding to medicine (Hippocrates, Galen) studied together (!) with law (Extravagantes, Justinian), and ultimately to theology, took 6+6+8 years. Everybody was burning the communist books (Popper, A.A.Zinovjev). Women search for spiritual laws and all they expect after their death is selfevaluation (C.Zaleski) and democracy (“icing on the cake”, Hawking’s UN), some are cynical (Antisten), others selfconfident (Machiavelli), some see the freedom as not-being-born (Cioran). The capital promotes women’s books (J.Redfield, C.Adrienne, D.Zohar, I.Marshall, St.Germain, NEWage), often written by men (under requests/’orders’ of women) and selling religions of E (constructivism, Rosycross too) in a finely disguised and hide manner on the subject of SPONTANEOUSLY realized wishes (exceptions are C.Zaleski, T.Moore), but PMp is not working here (Fig 7), wrong are the studies of genders, transcultural aesthetics, cultures of cities-consumership-POSTmodernism, because the m-En-Inf-IQ concept is illogical, the Principle provides Y-(Inf,s- En,m)-IQ at the best. The W should ban this because CENSORSHIP (DC) is part of the Whole. The Principle (4, Fig 8) places angel bellow the man (as does Islam) and by dividing the segment 6 it warns about the sublimity of sexuality. Palmer operates with METAsystems and here originate lesbians-homosexuals (Fig 5), because he makes the synthesis of Marx with the psychologists (!) Freud-Jung (Fig 1). Islam alone continues to protect the family, setting an example to the W. The texts of songs damage the children, women carry condoms around as sailors used to do, strip their children of their father’s surname, while the man as a 50 % ‘owner’ of the foetus does not have any say in the act of abortion, which is something that is inconceivable either in real estate or in corporations. Such a woman should be stripped again of her rights. Man does not like a “mannish woman”. The synthesis KantMarx (see Adorno), of 2 Germans (!) rehabilitated Marx, unknowingly the cosmology Newton-Leibniz and (!) the Russians. The Principle gives the 4-P bases (Fig 3) as the Source-father-mother-child or Y-(S-O)-U, God-Spirit-body-Perfection, God-Messiah-nation-leader, God-man-AT-ecology, Restoration-SpW-PhW-KPhW, but there are also cybernetics-KantMarx-Principle, AIR-WATER-FIRE-EARTH, PMp-QM-GeTR-GrUT, and because the Principle placed China (Palmer, Juliet Bredon) next to the USA, there remain the S.Korea-EU-Russia-world. The USA science is egocentric, separation of the Church from the CITYstate (Country) is contradictory. Modern Marxists are wrong in saying that the science cannot destroy-confirm the religion, but parts of the Whole remain the Plato’s vision, BB of the Church and a socialist thesis on the passage of communism into KPhW. The man is a balanced machine, an intercessor, a transducer, conditioned from the “inside” and “outside”, by himself he may not attain any great idea or act, and precisely the fact that he believes he is not a machine makes him increasingly mechanical, unlike a normal machine (Ouspensky). Transducers were introduced by Pavlov, Jakobi, Bacwell, Popov, the trigger by M.A.B.Bruevič. Varela’s “selforganization” is explained by valves-piston of Watt’s machine, which may only be “FIRC” (Fig 7, 10, 14, 16) to make the machine run at all. Philosophers, your hesitation is attacked by physicists, so give the world its direction! Existencionalism emerged because of the freedom-technics problem, where Kierkegaard (!) eliminated the philosophy from the science only out of “opposition” against Hegel and declared it was impossible that because of the Purpose for the Whole, a certain leader (Alexander the Great) would be “called up” on the basis of a trick. TRANS/POSTphilosophical (the Principle) and METAtheoretical (Palmer) grounds ultimately demonstrate each their own cybernetic range- and also philosophical reflections of technics, whether anthropological (Gehlen) or autonomous (Dessauer, Bloch) or Palmer’s, i.e. fundamental (Heidegger). Gödel spoke of “formally undecidable propositions”, while von Foerster (constructivist) sees CRE as “an in principle undecidable question”. Heisenberg’s monistic U uncertainty model (Enprim and mprim are from mPRE) is wrong insofar as all m is made of a single basic substance EnPRE (H.Terasawa). The first cybernetic machines were a trap and crossbow (L.P.Teplov).


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