Optimal Design of Big trivial High Temperature Thermo Electric Energy Plant in Coal Boiler Efficiency Improvement: Attained 104 % Efficiency, Zero Negative Impact and None «Eco Coupons»:

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Technical, Social, Political and Philosophical Compare to TEŠ Šoštanj 6 Slovenian Thermoelectric Plant

Dr. Drago Karol Golli; A Collation to TE Šoštanj 6, TE-6 Šoštanj, TEŠ, The China Thermal Power Plant needs, The Japan Electricity Nuclear Plants problems; Title/DirectionOptimal Design of Big trivial High Temperature Thermo Electric Energy Plant in Coal Boiler Efficiency Improvement: Subtitle/SubdirectionAttained 104 % Efficiency: Subsubtitle/SubsubdirectionZero Negative Impact and None «Eco Coupons», Index Terms, Key Words–Scientific Ecological Sustainable Environmental Protection for Durable/stable Development of Nature, Soil, Life and Human in Ethical Judgments of today Absurd and Vulgar Environmental Declination/Decaying/Extinction; Ecology for human security and Nature sustainable environmental protection in today world to eliminate the effects on regions; A true energy recycling, Collational anthropo-cosmo epistemology for consciousness, subconsciousness etc., True energy regeneration n and/or recuperation, true recycling of wastes, Environmental toxicology for gigantic electricity works in collation to electricity nuclear facilities; Environmental friendly ethic coal boiler in axiological judgments, Heart essence focusing cultural inner human transformation, The problems of the global world dweell not in politics but are of technical nature only, The most important is the parallel/analogous analytical cybernetical and ontological true development/progress

Ecology Optimal ethic Zero Pollution Thermal Power Coal Plant: A Compare to TEŠ Šoštanj 6 Slovenian Thermoelectric Plant


Be that as it may that for volumed but modern today usual Big Coal Electricity Plants (e.g., as the Šoštanj TE-6 in Slovenia is), it is possible further to improve the efficiency of high pressure steaming big/gigantic coal boiler (on a water superheated and high temperature steam turbine side of steam generating power station no improvement more are possible for the belonging steam regenerative water heating process; in belonging cooling tower of the plant but condensate is an exergy problem and also a thermodynamic boundary/line, ergo, to put a guilt on an isobaric condenser of turbine side is mistaken) on the 104 % (with no by-products), when the profit is:

  •  not only in the great money savings on coal consumption (a coal is now cyclonic burnt not for damages only),
  •  not only in none (so named secondary) costs for environment (zero negative impact), ergo, another type of waste or byproducts results now from undangerous Mg(OH)2 only, to neutralise flue gas condensed acid,
  •  not only in the most lessening of vital and expensive devices, constructions etc. of this volumed gigantic plant, avoiding the heavy expenses, or capital outlays at investing,
  •  but also in a shocking result of none «Eco coupons» needed, ergo, no air pollution, no problem with: green money payments, stability, security, a grow of dangerous store places of wastes/refuses, etc.,
  •  and also in possibility of the rise up of building of the next new additional industry, major corporations and production facilities for economical state grow (because of the need of new developed parts for such pure/clean/trivial plants as it is discussed) and new employment possibility (in love to workers, ergo, employees/laborers) to cover market needs, and cheap coal reserves all over the world also to optimise,
  •  ergo, such a new type (based on some kind in L. N. Tolstoj sense of inner drying and cleaning revolution) of (trivial) volumed Big Coal Electricity Plant in collation with today usual unsafe/nontrivial Termonuclear Plants, dangerous for environment (ontology) and human (the theory of human), – is totally save/trivial needing also drastically reduced beginning/prime investment, and current expenses (globally no need to renew/restore, e.g., the H atom bomb consequences from Chernobile, Japan etc., when radioactivity hasn’t a smell as invisible, as the invisible roots of some tree but decide wholly all its future and fate),

This is because of the next details (I am qualified, trained too on USA Architectural method at United Engineers & Constructors):

  •  The added special/particular condensate heat exchange for latent heat of the boiler’s new added plastic flue gas condenser in a form of chemical multistage sequential column (water as acid) in a plant,
  • The changed temperature profil in plant’s boiler (on its top the dry temperature is lowered on 72 oC),
  • The twice preheated input feed water (recycled it back into system out from the output condensated turbine water) for big boiler (for all steam processes typical is a transformation of working matter as a great benefit, so, it comes to big changes in matter’s volume and so from a little of matter a lot of work),
  • The extremely lowered flue temperature (on the input into chimney 8-30 oC only, from this reason the capacity/largeness of greedy exhaust fan, and also of combustion air supply and for maintaining/control of –10 Pa boiler flue pressure and a chimney together with its additional recuperation function both are extremely reduced giving new/additional savings of the prices between building, in: purchase, transport, assembly, build in, etc.) and also non-mephitic flue gas reduced exfiltration temperature into environment (as The Double, a double play with dry and wet temperature as in spying); fan is in principle a volume and not a mass machine, ergo, with lower temperature more mass of air is transported, ergo, the smaller or decreased dimension of fan results,
  • The different cleaning manner of boiler flue gas, which is now (the place of electro filters for dust, ash etc. must be changed): pure, hygienic, ethical, cultural (it is a sum of human spiritual results) draining/dry and invisible air.

So, all these is needed for today thermonuclear and climate declination/decaying/pollution, which calls for energy regeneration&recuperation for ecology and for sustainable environmental protection needs.
So, the presented approach/keystone for presented trivial Coal Electricity plant (see Figure 01):

  • Is not some new or unknown technical solution (a technical plant signifies not some new or revolutionary progressive technology, a metaparadigm is missing, but as solutional/developmental gap in Universal way such energy transforming plant is short-term effective and long-term successful), but only not yet applied in big/huge coal plants,
  • It emerged in my head (and is also tested/experimented 10 years on small physical boiler) by use not only a type of science as West science is but also the revolutionary science (and its strange methodology), what C. S. Peirce names the abduction, ergo, hypothesis from single cases,
  • The •critical philosophy of crucial basis of the revolutionary science (not only for technologically paradigmatic knowledge, but also as being inside of old paradigm, even for ‘unexplained paradigm, pseudoscientific paradigm, etc.) stresses the use of theoretical hypothesis to formulate disconfirming experiments (extending the Norm and seeing a confirmation), when the abduction from anomalies is different in search of new extraordinary knowledge (Plato’s approach to science as radically questioning the Norm as: social, ethical, environmental, ecological, moral etc. not the today some ill/aberratic or indecent/intolerable/improper norms/conventions/standards/measures or guidelines, and exploring the “prohibited/suppressed/bold or taboo” themata and even dangerous mind’s delusional and aberrational implications of disconfirmation from a radical or usual, ergo, the West basis of science, in order to discover some different order in world beyond human/observer/experimentator’s projections, and to highlight the difference between ExistenceBeing beyond the umbrella of essential subsumed Being),
  • A point of starting idea of the presented plant is but umbrella cybernetics (as umbrella, wings top theory for “all” sciences) in social/societal control (e.g., my great book on 1,200 pages: Optimal Control of Corporation: Family-Corporation-Society: Philosophical-Theological-Scientific-Political System, see virtual library COBISS.Si for Drago Karol Golli), and also in the technical control (I discuss here about optimal control not, needed otherwise also for electric energy plants, but of course exists no optimisation of the optimisation of the Criterion, neither it can be a new class of control, while optimal control is the edge or the 3rd last stage for the classes of control, because of optimisation may only be set or nonfatally foreordinated/predestinated for a longer period ahead, and if its primitive/easy, the OC is such as well, there is no online optimisation of the optimisation of selected criteria; in Palmer on the edges either suprarational or paradoxical if the worst comes to the worst as the edge of the world) of complicated control route as a Big Coal Electricity Plant is, just similar as in Optimal Leading of Air Conditioning Devices (see virtual library COBISS.Si for Drago Karol Golli) the most difficult area of mechanical engineers, as the engineering area of Air Conditioning Systems/devices (HVAC not in a sense of today broadened local small wall units only) also is,
  • Due to of reaching of maximal efficiency of 104 % in boiler, for such improved Big Coal Electricity Plant plant it’s impossible/unallowed changing/winging its burdening/charge/load/power/loading up and down (the efficiency is nonlinearly and much faster progressively dropping with a boiler linearly reduced power) or coal quality, it must run near maximum to run on optimal manner/way, this also because of the high temperature/pressure steam turbine side of steam generating power station, where but no improvements more are possible, not to destroy the turbine high quality materials (special steel), ergo, the common/collective/joint improved efficiency, which is a product of all efficiencies of the serial units in a plant, is guaranteed.

The presented approach (see Figure 01) can white-headly be useful namely also because of the next:

  • Only in China every week is built 1 usual Big Coal Electricity Plants, not optimised on presented way,
  • And also Japan had and has not only the huge problems with energy supply and its security and autonomy but the combined problems with yet resultant climate changes: the sea, cyclones, floods, wildfires etc.
  • In energetics the 13 % of all the world big electricity works (treating not the renewable resources) are but nuclear atomic reactors, where not only the big/large/major electricity nuclear facilities exist but also civilian nuclear test facilities, e.g., also to produce in some meta-paradigm by splitting of nuclei even an artificial sun: the long-term implosions, even maybe some artificial physical or spiritual parallel Universe having either the same or different inertial frame. Around Earth rotate now 700,000 space garbages, dangerous as on Earth the nuclear waste/garbage/Hell, a rest of 70 t / year but falls down not burnt away especially both the special glass and steel, only 1,000 in orbit as the active/controllable artificial satellites,
  • The domestic and international level of politics (its instability is a poison for ecology) is disputable (not only atomic weapon and megadeath, nuclear testing in the restricted areas of danger special development, the nuclear atomic reactors, but also gas chemical weapons and dangerous materials, together with their production facilities and verification mechanism, ultima ratio regum, for: disarmament, denuclearisation, disastered areas etc., but how to persuade/convince of some party or to prevail it, or to bring it on board, or to reach more structured environment for this, relying on wisdom, e.g., there’s many a good tune played on an old fiddle), so, in nuclear/atomic weapon/poison/capsule no error is allowed, when heated human head and even experienced adviser/counsellor always makes even many grotesque deformed errors and their escalations, when every so modern technology has limits, too,
  • Many say it’s not in our hands, but another, that it is possible to change humans’ course in time for 180 o into ecological physical hygiene, and also spiritual ethical judgments (see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper) and spiritual hygiene, ignoring a provincial morals and selfish local and corruptive interests, because the paradisiacal Garden of Earthly Delights (the road to Hell, to extreme agony for the religious and secular) by H. Bosch shows in the last more nightmarish panel the vision of the horrifying Hell as twisted, decayed and burnt landscape, a Paradise degraded and destroyed by human, human ignoring the domination command given to human due to: environmental protection, domination under All Things, transportation costs, the intrusion of street and town excessive electric lighting (the multinationals shift the lamps’s temperature colour from yellow to blue spectrum,  4,000 Kelvin, or even white part, deadly for biological multiplying/duplicating/copying/coupling and for life for animals from ontological All Things, especially insects, also deadly for human Biorhythm because of the shift of lighting cycle late in the night), also of cars front smart info lighting (to reach they a higher velocity), etc., human enslaved but forcing an underground comicality only (if someone not under someone’s bad command says not in separation between Right-Left but Good-Evil: I am the last Good human standing).

H. Bosch: triple collection The Garden of Earthly Delights (Garden of Eden–Earth/warning–Last Judgment)

Figure 01: D. K. Golli: Optimal Design of big Thermo Electric Energy Plant in Coal Boiler Efficiency Improvement: 104 % Efficiency and None «Eco Coupons


So, for human security and environmental protection in today world:

  • Scientific ecology (usually connected to biology) refers to the modern science of climate-changing; namely, the world ecolobby uses today and every day the evil method of fear and guilt, and the contradictory/absonant/discrepant/inconsistent green energy solutions of Greeners are also disputable (L. DiCaprio says that the humans are pillaging the natural world, erasing/wiping out the species, and basically vulgar destroying bio and humancultures in a process, decimating the ecosystem forever),
  • Sustainable Environmental protection refers to mere/perfect and sustainable: Nature, the human lifes, industry, food, values (axiology, see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper) etc. in world, to protect the All Things (minerals, plants, animals), a human is not more the Lord of All Things, in his activities emphasising not enough: the applicable/appliable or applied/employable/serviceable solutions, food sustainment, and the models for next sustained development, also a human transportation (L. DiCaprio says that the technical mode of all human transportation is problematic, also the transportation costs in trade/economy, then, that the polar ice caps melt in Arctic, being it as a huge Air Conditioning Device or HVAC, see virtual library COBISS.Si for Drago Karol Golli, for the Northern Hemisphere, the seas/oceans are rising their self, exist dangerous weather patterns: the cyclones, floods, droughts/dryness, wildfires etc.; also V. Schauberger says that Nature is not served by rigid natural laws, that also a new biotechnological clear motor must use as a fuel the water; see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper, also for my anthropo-cosmo epistemology in optimal control for ethical judgments),
  • Durable/stable development of Nature (e.g., renewable energies also for societal justice, alternative natural sources, green technologies and planning project engineering stages, waste treatment, political and field environmental policies/tactics, cultural inner human transformations focusing on heart as an essence) in today environment declination/decaying (e.g., falling birthrate, also so named death birth, ergo, the extinction of species), even the hurted Earths 2 electromagnetic poles today are strangely and unsymmetrically in movement away from original axis/hinges and unbalanced. The renewable known energy resources (as a need, known yet in native/aboriginal Indian, of: smart design, eco-materials, the renewable & recyclable usage of All Things, the energy efficiency, water usage, keeping of environment, the axiology, see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper, and optimal control) are in a stage of beginning only. Nature and human surviving Protector for known renewable energy resources is needed, eliminating the old anthropocentric view.

 Due to environmental toxicology, the true: recycling (as in ecology, environmental toxicology and environmental protection to eliminate the effects on regions), regeneration, recuperation and also understandig of Union between heartface = Union of society/societal-community/theologicaletc. is important but:

  • In the Air Conditioning Systems/devices or HVAC (see virtual library COBISS.Si for Drago Karol Golli) for: sophisticated, saving (including all the regeneration, recuperation, recycling, hybrid etc. supporting subsystems) and a sustainable lasting/during of environment (ecology and the environmental protection in today environmental declination/decaying even by utility multicorporations/companies for drinking water, not for watering of animals from All Things; the environment as an intake and exhaust for humans and machines, when a human, sliding/slipping, lets his marks even globally also in his environment, ‘to slip = to damage’),
  • In today Economy of violence (when economy of soil is needed, e.g., a production of palm oil totally parches or dries up a soil, not the economy of phosphates which nourishes the world, namely Earth’s humus soil is exploited, from this reason the economy of water and, e.g., urine treatment and phosphate circular recycling & regeneration & recuperation back from waste materials instead of rectilinear 1 direction movement/way from countryside to the towns/metropolis), so, between theo-anthropo the theocentric view on soil ethics is needed (the quality of soil determines but the spiritual level of some civilisation),
  • In Environmentalists (the Greeners or a green politics or eco-behaviour for: ecology, environmental protection and durable/stable development of Nature in today environmental declination/decaying),
  • In recycling of wastes (Hell is for garbages) also in Universe‘s nebulae the 1st embryos/germs/sources of births’ and of biological life are found, ergo, in the clouds of dust/waste/contamination, ashes and gases (in H. Bosch the ultimate sin: an attachment to the pleasures of Earth, the road to Hell namely),
  • So, such a presented unusual Big Coal Electricity Plants is but connected with life, produces none aggravating circumstances (none aggravation of environment, none extermination also of animals, no fake economy, no intriguing in the managing of environment, but conservation of Nature thru conservancy), and due to its higher total efficiency, ergo, output power, but simultaneously wastes a smaller amount of coal (due to other combustibles it depends on: the humidity/water amount of coal, on a fact if coal has a lot of stones in it: as a clean coal, a calorific value, e.g., Hlow = 15 MJ / kg, etc.), no archaism, no manacles, no empty expression, no naked prey, but the words that the humans use to convey their original ideas, between idealism-realism, or politically theideologists/dreamers or enthusiasts/admirers-pragmatists/practicians,
  • A societal, or technical revolution, e.g., bicycle (before the 1st industrial coal revolution, and the 2nd industrial petrol/oil revolution) is when some old approach dies, but all is not unmendable; the Nature or Earth changes today evilly 170 times faster as naturally/spontaneously would, when in democracy the Germans gave to humans the maximal practical freedom not only due to new possibility of travelling with motor car by land and by water and by air (and in Universe), but also of industrial and other internal combustion machines to discharge/disburden/unburden a human and to liberate him of labourer’s manual worker/employee’s job/work/salary/engagement (the modern evil financial holdings haven’t an own production or through-put) by freedom machine, ergo, K. Benz and N. A. Otto for petrol, and R. Diesel for diesel engines: today the oil, gas and water and phosphates = Power = labour = army = militarism = political power, and also but stays the lignit; thereto thereagainst but T. Hribar says that today EU oscillates/swings between unitarianism-anarchism and false nucleates, when Slovenia wants only to be independent and sovereign/Absolute cofederation/power as a national State, otherwise loses its own dignity, ergo, the rights, and the human right, I say, also in energetics, W. Shakespeare: Better than I live now,
  • A Big trivial High-Temperature Thermo Electric Energy Plant in Coal Boiler Efficiency Improvement is now expanded, Universally generalised (not in a sense of something yet usual) for the 3rd industrial revolution (being yet on the tracks) and developed as a complexity of interaction of: the technics, economics, ecology, environmental protection, moral, ethics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, axiology (see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper), ontology (see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper, Fig. 1), love (see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper), etc., backwards to nucleate for Original wold to reconvey it, when centre stays on CO2, as open stays only a possible some highly caloric/calorific nuclearly intrinsically damaged coal, what a lignite but isn’t (on the other hand but thru 3rd industrial revolution the Germany lobbies its own interest for the world production of linked/webed smart for sure electric cars without driver, when fully robotised cars without driver are planned yet before: it’s true that the world suffers today from 109 cars, but the internal combustion autos today signify a small portion of impact on environment, problematic a little or disputable only the diesel). What a callosity of human asking in global perspective not from which a source the electricity but comes (though some very big facility or boiler or locomotive etc., which can be indeed fully and steadily loaded but reaches nonlinearly very higher efficiency, so due to many dispersed and unsteadily loaded small units it is more optimal, also in maintenance costs), the humans alas have changed the markets of opportunity with the markets of needs.


H. Bosch: triple collection The Last Judgment (Heaven–Earth/waste/refuse/disorder–Hell/burned/burnt)

K. Marx sees the next world as some Kingdom on the Earth, but in I. Berlin’s liberslism all the Ideals (in I. Kant as a-priori Absolute ideal), all the idealisms, kingdoms and visions etc. are treated almost as a foolishness even for treatment/healing, also psychiatric, even fully clear ideologies are labeled today as a spiritual bragging/swaggering only. Such the believings, stressing they only the relative principles and being generally valid not for generic (natural ability) Universe’s natural laws, will deny every perspective/judgment/adaptability” and next salvation of the World when in I. Kant a peace is the Absolute Universal condition for happiness/joy. Namely, in the clock of civilization, the Ideas and Ideals resonate in future, so the ethical sacrificing for them is needed, also for the West, which eliminates from science and jurisprudence the emotions, when •Lee for harmonious society speaks about a balance between Will-Intellect-Emotions.


But J. Fresco’s vision of transition to consubstantial Original/Primary world” (also symbolically as 4,000 year ago) is as K. Marx’s Ideal, speaking about the means of living for gratis (no crime more) considering the human needs (for all main 7 human givens) and capacities for all the people as in ontological (gratis) Pluriverse (for Pluriverse see Fig. 1 in Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper, all these but West jurisprudence negates totally, also the emotions of clients, e.g., also in the barbarian cases of executions from the human homes, when the jurisprudence laws without heart are as human with no soul), without the cunning lawyers and especially central banks. Such a future is real, having nothing common with K. D. Palmer’s (lower)transition to any new world with a new past and (uncertain) new future. Also, e.g., K. Marx and F. Nietzsche reproached the •philosophers for not changing/transitioning the world, otherwise they support the evil transition from animal innocence to human’s corruption/vice/miasma“, because a greed exists because of the existence of money or fiat currency the neoliberal managers/predators enjoying in suffering of workers (as the production from nothing, or creatio ex nihilo as in Palmer’s Beginning of Universe, nothing exists behind money, except in Universal digital virtual Bitcoin), producing a relation between surplus-lack (considering entropy s but without weaving between dimensional interval ±I//s///E//m or ±information//entropy///energy//matter or between surplus-lack compensation between gestalt-meta Environment) of the goods between rich-slaves (in ex Yugoslavia also existed no crime without knowing some J. Fresco’s Venus resources/energy project, the ratio of salaries between director-cleaner/charwoman was only 3 / 1, today but at least 100 / 1), the corrupted institutions and dominant humans causing a disintegration and devitalisation of majority, and the denial of any values (axiology, see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper; for bombing but in any time no costs are important), when many machines are but devisable.


J. Fresco, a social engineer and industrial designer (the Venus project; I say, the architects being instead architect language but the social engineers for designed machines as in E. Mendelsohn and his A. Einstein’s tower, and engineering/engineered structures, also as the bunkers as in Nazi B. K. H. A. Speer connected with German might and World War II, and only as the copies as in Ruiz y P. Picasso pictures between his Red-Blue; also tantric engineers exist), and the other similar, stresses the today global manipulative criminals, and the elections of today capitalistic democracy where the humans can paradoxically choose between chicken-hamburger only, if for the poor (who but violate any law to bypass hunger/starvation and to survive, and to run/escape from becoming a fool because of monotonous slavery work in gladiator working environment and fight for minimal existence, and from banks, which live from the poor) both at all is possible, when more than a @question Who votes is important but Who nominates the candidates (in armies, banks, media, institutions etc.; I say, a State must assure civilisational Norms/values, but it gives neither the physical civilisational minimum and spiritual cultural minimum, when the lawyer’s guild/gild/craft to work for benefits, justice and human rights of the poor having no money is reduced to expedients). Ergo, politically it’s impossible to change the world, because the problems and the troubles of the global world are of technical nature (the engineers and their machines as the most ethic), with a centre on the engineering blueprints (a jurisprudence, and the science, are alas emotions immune, when a mission of science is also the thinking, e.g., philosophy, also in deductive way, it must include also the a-priori @questions for Universal truth as the reasoning and essence/point/sting/tag of things to harmonically unite many humankind’s different goals).


I say, the West science ignores the ontological a-priori arguments, etc., and the key that in every research and academic one a @question to be asked is: How and why and from what Single/unwed Source has Universe come about, and, that science focuses just on law, but it should also discover: the argument, purpose and the llaw of love, the latter but a vector l, when majority of today scientists wander of the truth substituting a mathematical DE, if they at all can, and are capable to use a DE approach (either losing themselves in the wall of too many arguments, or are payed of multinational corporations) etc., for their ‘experiments’ and ■non”a-priori” (nondeductive) and ■partial theories (when I. Kant declares that the human minds possess also the Pure or “a-priori” concepts).


I say, the natural right of every human is also to find the Ideal and the all truth, when all the political libertisms ignore all the “a-priori” (this approach alas often with labeling: damned deductionist and theorizer), believing not in Universal rules and models written yet in Universe. Ergo, today West democracy’s and liberslism’s and all economy’s nucleus dwells namely in: empiricism, utilitarianism, hypocritical modern now assertivity, in womanish cybernetic• feedback only relative stable control only, all the simple averaged or nonselectively synthesised, the accentuation but on •collective and electoral/vote/poll societal average/commonness/vulgarity only (when in jurisdiction neither the ideal majority owner of private house has but no rights), ergo, a consensus as a half-truth (comparing with Plato’s, but today democracy wants to kill everyone idealist out of average jutted natural genius or also rational metaphysicist; I say, an Ideal can be then that all humans become geniuses/genii, a lowering reduction/decreasing of true criteria, a collective societal average, alas adopted as sole: normal, middle, central, usual, habitual, general or common modus, as a rule; B. Mauldin says that human but feels to be a fugitive/refugee/expellee avoiding the law of average:, and, A. N. Whitehead, that all truths = 1 / 2  truth) etc. (what I. Berlin sees as today human Ideal, having he no answer which one is the next Ideal). No professor of economy in the world hasn’t presented any serious and correct study about the humans` desires/longings (T. Nagel says that reductionism negates the subjective quality).


J. Fresco criticises that no one from political community asks something the technical engineers in the @questions of globalisation (I say, also in national energetics), though they are in Germany but the sole guardians of neutral technologies and prosperity/welfare/wealth/liturgy of societies, and globally also of civilisation itself (I say, today inhomogeneous wealth/prosperity of nations is chaotically mixed/mingled with Aristotle, F. Hutcheson, etc., when Lee speaks about so named atmospheric only chemical processes for all humans prosperity). He stresses the so named ■Resource based economy (where a money is a disturbance only, and where an environment but forms the human values), ■Intelligent management of resources (globally human to survive, the all today humans without the surpluses of excess of the income and without the lacks in analogy with a perfect human body which knows no democracy, e.g., for immunogenetic system, when also a liver must absolutely execute its duty always and must ultimately get all the resources for this job), Selfdriving autos (robotised cars/transport), Emergent/provisional or emergency/temporary society (I say, not directly as the developmental aspect, which one in Lee due to identity&maintaining aspect is but secondary one in 4 positional base including in it the dialectic G. W. F. Hegel 3 position base thesis-antithesis-synthesis; in physics but the emergence, not in a sense of emergency, is connected with: deterministic chaos, spin chaos maps, emergent levels of topologic anomalism in 4-5 positional base from emergent metasystem cycle EMS, known also for atom, nuclear energy, etc.), Functional selfishness (I say, human to be a Lord of All things in true dominating over Nature in environmental protection, because all the human future is based but on Earth’s resources), New ethics (based on the capacity or working P of the planet), Emotions (theese one will be transfered/integrated into human work), Love, Consciousness (human cannot develop it fully because of his partial sensory system, of the 3 stages complet the 1st = Conscious Sensory stage perception, which but is bounded/limited, human cannot detect, e.g., X-rays, I say, the mutants/destructors/robots with unusual Electro magnetic  and/or unusual animalistic: wolf’s sensory organs, or dolphin’s ultrasound even 3D depth, or bee’s ultraviolet, or coldblooded snake’s infrared, or shark’s electrical eye seeing, or •walrus/morse or sea-horse’s mysteriousness), ergo, I say a problem is the true epistemology, and human sensory limited 3D V, Purpose (I say, science having no evidence for it, when in teleology = idealism as a contrast to Causality the constellated or organised systems as hierarchical systems with known or with the seeking goals at least in fedback control, when electromagnetic field is teleologically static, and atom a teleological dynamic system, the 5th in 5D as the teleological argument from the Design and Creation of Universe as the arrows movement towards a Goal, ergo, the argument from Creation, when G. W. F. Hegel in contrast to I. Kant doesn’t think how to join Subject and Object, and when N. Tesla opens not only the multilayer between Vtm or space-time-matter manifestation, but beyond it also the more basic spiritual manifestation of scalar waves as a background/context for miracles, the scalar wave in a role of Subject but permeates/pervades the Universe, gives the reasonableness/meaning, and purposive/teleologically can drive the Universe from Big-Bang onwards, to go on, forward march!, many not making much headway with this matter), the Priests (which use in minimal 2,000 year only 1 book, I say, valid also methodologically all this period, comparing with today flood of theories and experiments, ergo, the machines will take over all but the all, also as my Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper, so, the Church but contradicted and contradicts, or offers opposition to theories only, when only in a dual between Truth-theory but the Church and science aren’t in dispute/disagreement/conflict, so, the Church cannot change, e.g., the biology by the God suppositions, and v.v. the science not some theology which a spiritual domain is but in the Norm; Plato’s approach to science as radically questioning the Norm: social, ethical, moral etc., not today some ill/aberratic/indecent or intolerable/improper norms/conventions/standards/measures or patterns; in Lee the balanced education between HeartCharacterNormcitizen&geniusDomination; in Palmer the nondual Norm), the Loyalty (to methodology, when the churches will be unable to help in some disaster, humans killing themselves mutually, I say, I use my Universal antropo-cosmo methodology for all the sciences), the Prosperity/welfare/wealth for everyone, etc.


K. D. Palmer stresses so: the desiring machines (S. Freud, possessory/appropriation, wrongful claiming or adoption/arrogation/usurpation/seizure or encroachment; the autopoietic segment of between  living-cognitive, or the animals from All things) and the disseminating machines (K. Marx, the relation between alienation-anomie, an excomunication, expropriation or socialisation or eviction/dispossession/garnishment, abduction, abdication, execution of homes and the evil transfer of property/tenure/fortune/estate of the absolute legal private real estate by lawyers and judges from jurisprudence, or its blocking).


I say, as in Pontrjagin’s Maximum Principle in Optimisation of Chaotic Bifurcation of mental Worlds in Ethical Judgments (in Optimisation and optimal control into Harmonious Society; I say that human history Universe = set ∑of optimal trajectories, in S. W. Hawking, Universe = set ∑of possible histories, in R. P. Feynman, particle = ∑of all the histories), The Universe and the Human Being as a Machine. The most important I say but is parallel/analogous analytical cybernetical and ontological true development, epistemology etc. Also J. Fresco says the machines from cybernetic centres should decide in next future almost about the all (about the governments, jurisprudence, medicine, the construction of optimal only circularly segmented buildings projected for the souls of the humans and their needs and capacities gratis, etc., when the lawyers and bankers, the courts of justice will soon be eliminated/extinctionated, producing today none new value for community, except for themselves, exhausting the brutto national income, or gross/hairy domestic product GDP, the major global corporations to hidden the taxes in oases as a flight of capital not the true Locomotive, the forming of a centres of higher velocity in EU paradoxically realising only the transition of power/government/State exactly into the multinationals, which instead using the oases, plan otherwise to build the private taxfree floating sea islands as in Universe’s black hole no man’s land to bypass the State institutions/bodies as some new kind of peace; The Milky Way II from China as the fastest Computer Machine today, capable to decide better as human can, only not about the human behavior, psychology), the nongreedy robots instead of the modern slaves, and instead of the human greed/sin, also to dimension my Big trivial Thermo Electric Energy Plant, in collation to: TE Šoštanj 6 or TE-6 Šoštanj or TEŠ, the China Thermal Power Plant needs, also to the Japan Electricity Nuclear Plants problems, etc.

I. Berlin as libertarian says that •Ideal of freedom for choosing of goals/visions, from those not to demand a sempiternal/eternal/everlasting or perpetual/neverending/permanent/endless validity/currency (I say, exist also the continually/endless fields, and also in Lee the religions are nothing as a process) and with this connected pluralism of values (axiology, see Very Inform à Time Opt t Machine Info Only Research Paper), is maybe the late fruit/result of decaying human capitalistic civilisation, so, the •capitalism, looking to it in nonsceptical sense, as today human Ideal, which but the past human eras/epochs and past primitive societies didn’t acknowledge/recognise and also to which our successors/descendants won’t wonder about, maybe they sympathise with it but understanding it not, so, the principles aren’t nothing less holy if for they none guarantee exists for long-term duration, ergo, •I. Berlin says that as a matter of fact a desire/wish/request on itself on guarantee/security/vouching for human values being •eternal and finished/done/complete in some •objective Heaven maybe is nothing as longing/yearning/desire for certainty/sureness of childhood/infancy and baby time (when already communistic G. Klaus, and he has arrived at technical cybernetics forcing at least in the State or world crises additionally the cybernetic mannish direct connection, says that circular cybernetic averaging/consensual feedback connection is only spontaneous, ergo, the level of child/baby, childly, childlike) or for the absolute values of the human primitive past (I say, but that Lee in his political structure as between monarchy-democracy-HeavenlyKingdom stressing also today “contradiction of democracy” says that in some future but every idealism becomes realism, and also I. Kant opposes a direct democracy, when J. Bentham says: The individual interests, as they exist today in environmental degradation of Nature thru the politics and multinationals, are the sole/alone real interests; I say, which in Lee but presents only a part in his union between globalism-nationalism and in ratio between primary Purpose for the Whole and secondary purpose for a part, the latter in I. Berlin but the higher liberty/freedom, when in Lee the identity&maintaining aspect is primary, and the developmental aspect secondary). In I. Berlin, therefore, a •pluralism should be the most real because it acknowledges that •many human purposes/criteria aren’t always proportional/comparative and are in incessant/continuous/perpetual •rivalry, the latter and the greed one but •J. Fresco has eliminated out thru his Earth resources Ideal (I. Berlin says that to say: In the highest but realisable/feasible compositive synthesis a duty/obligation is the interest/advantage/profit/economy only, and that individual liberty is either the Pure democracy or an authoritarian State/country). •I. Berlin criticises the supposition/hypothesis/background that all the values are possible to arrange on a single sole scale looking and establishing then only the highest one, I say, what is none proof neither argument, neither for technical development (nothing as a process) nor for ontological development (nothing as a process), etc.






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